New Additions To The Hanover Staff

  By: Alexa Rountree

Q: What has been the best thing at Hanover so far?   

Keith: “I loved being able to get to know new staff, students and new community. It’s fun to be in a new place with new people and learn from them as well as help them. So it’s been great to get to know some new people, and it seems the students and staff people are pretty great so I’m really excited to be here at Hanover.” Continue reading “New Additions To The Hanover Staff”

October Crossword 2018


2:Natures Candy

5: What kind of ache will you be feeling on Nov. 1

7: You’ll float too

8: The best candy

9: Ridley Scott’s magnum opus

10: The worst candy

11: The song of the people




3: Family Friendly Fun

4:  Nevermore

6: Its close to midnight


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