All About Us

The Hawk Eye is a high school newspaper with headquarters in Mechanicsville, VA. Here at The Hawk Eye, we work to bring you all of Hanover High School’s and Hanover County’s breaking news stories, editorials, and a healthy dose of humor.

Our Staff of 2017-2018

Editor-in-Chief: Madison Lee

Managing Editor: Jack Proctor

News Editor: Willie Sadler

Features Editor: Stephen Williams

Entertainment Editor: Blake Vail-Rhodes

Opinions Editor: Michelle Christian

Arts Editors: Emma Wright and Brooke Foster

Sports Editor: Brendan English

Copy Editor: Courtney Carroll

Website/Business Manager: Frances McDaniel


Yousuf Chudhary

Caleb Collison

Shane Simpson

Haley Turner

Our Staff of 2016-2017

Editor-in-Chief: Searlait Coffey

Managing Editors: Mikayla Mason, Kali Wright

News Editor: Stephen Williams

Features Editor: Madison Lee

Entertainment Editor: Madeline Wheeler

Opinions Editor: Frances McDaniel

Arts Editor: Caroline Tucker

Sports Editor: Jack Proctor

Website/Business Manager: Wyatt Farmer


Courtney Carroll

Michelle Christian

Yousuf Chudhary

Caleb Collison

Brendan English

Caitlyn Floyd

Brooke Foster

Shane Simpson

Laura Swain

Haley Turner

Emma Wright

Blake Vail-Rhodes


Our Staff of 2014-2015:

Editors-in-Chief: Hayley Plotz, Caroline Provost

Managing Editors: Nikki Petzer, Ashlyn Davis

Copy Editor: Abbey Delaney

News Editor: Garrett Gauntt, Chandler Foster

Features Editor: Kelly Guthrie, Sean Coleman

Entertainment Editor: Matt Harris

Opinions Editor: Kathleen Pfohl

Arts Editor: Georgia Geen

Humor Editor: Danielle White

Sports Editor: James C. Norman

Website/Business Manager: Giles VanHuss


Caroline Tucker

Jessica Peyton

Searlait Coffey

Madison Lee

Kaleb Horton

Hannah Thompson

Janak Jaini

Kali Wright

Kayla Oakley

Ashlyn Davis

Zach Palmer

Hannah Thompson

Rahul Zota

Mikayla Mason

Chris Dileo

Sallie Sledd

Chloe Woodward

Jake Soble

Our Staff of 2013-2014:

Editors-in-Chief: Katrina Gauntt & Annie Sadler

Managing Editors: Nick Glass, Cassie Turner, Chace Blackburn, Claudia Lopez

Copy Editor: Ellie McDade-Nelson

News Editors: Alexsa Good & Emily Williams

Features Editors: Nikki Petzer & Ashlyn Davis

Entertainment Editors: Devon Altman & Ryan Kellner

Opinions Editors: Jaqui Arechiga & Christina Smith

Arts Editor: Kelly Guthrie

Humor Editor: Hayley Plotz

Sports Editor: Danny Polk

Ad Manager: Ben Nachman

Website & Bussiness Manager: Sam Holland

Morgan Bowen

Tristan Bullock

Seth Collins

Emily Dickerson

Chris Dileo

Chandler Foster

Garrett Gauntt

Georgia Geen

Claire Gormanlove

Matthew Harris

Emily Hastings

Courtney Holloman

Kaleb Horton

Sedrek Kovar

Kristin Oaks

Kathleen Pfohl

Madie Potts

Caroline Provost

Bailey Rummel

Rebekah Seay

Jake Soble

Eric Tomillon

Giles Vanhuss

Danielle White

Our Staff of 2012-2013:

Editor-in-Chief: Max Berry

Managing Editors: Chauncey Lee, Derek Martin, Jordan Shanks

Copy Editor: Ryan Kellner

News Editors: Claudia Lopez, Emily Williams

Features Editors: Devon Altman, Nick Glass

Sports Editor: Ben Nachman

Arts Editor: Cassie Turner

Entertainment Editors: Chace Blackburn, Cody Roane

Opinions Editors: Annie Sadler, Katrina Gauntt

Humor Editor: Sam Holland

Website Editor: John Roakes

Photo & Buisness Manager: Ashley Richardson


Jaqui Arechiga

Alec Baldwin

Mollie Crom

Ashlyn Davis

Robbie Dileo

Amanda Fales

Alexsa Good

Gracie Gormanlove

Kelly Guthrie

Alexis Miller

Madelyn Miller

Matthew Odom

Nicole Petzer

Hayley Plotz

Danny Polk

Tori Pulliam

Ian Rose

Bailey Sizemore

Christina Smith

Jacob Soble

Kara Thompson

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