Does Halloween deserve more recognition?

Michelle Christian

Christmas Break, Spring Break, Summer Break, Halloween Break?

Halloween becoming an official holiday could provide a much needed break during fall, allowing students to have a break during all of the seasons.

Halloween should be viewed like all of the other holidays. As a result, students should not have to attend school on the day of, before and after Halloween. These three days would provide efficient holiday break time to properly celebrate Halloween.

“Halloween should definitely be made into a holiday. Christmas is considered a holiday and it has a break, and Halloween is like my Christmas, therefore Halloween should be considered a break as well,” senior Brittney Nadeau said.

To begin, Halloween requires a day of preparation. Gathering the appropriate supplies like costume pieces, candy, candy bags and last minute decorations is strenuous and important. These preparation activities should not have to be rushed in the morning of Halloween as a last ditch effort. This prep day would allow for the general population to ease into this beloved spooky holiday. It’s not fair that Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are accepted and celebrated as holidays, yet Hallows Eve is not.

As for the day of Halloween, there are obvious reasons to designate it as an official holiday. This is the day that all of the preparations and planning gets to pay off. Depending on the level of dedication one puts into a costume, properly putting it on could take a while. Makeup and hair routines that go along with these eerie ensembles could be an entire hour or two themselves.

When night starts to fall upon us, the real fun of Halloween begins.Halloween night provides an escape like all of the other holidays do. On Thanksgiving, one gathers with family to feast on the day’s meal arrangement. Christmas is celebrated by opening presents, parties and dinners. Halloween night is no exception to this. Many people celebrate the festivities with parties, candy hunting and specially prepared spooky dinners for friends and family to share.

With all of the food, sugar and dancing the night before had to offer, there is no surprise as to why the day after Halloween should become a holiday. Many students do not attend school on Halloween or the day after because they wanted to celebrate an amazing holiday that the United States has not yet accordingly designated an official government holiday. Allowing for one to unwind from all of the chaos of the day before, the day after Halloween is a great time for people to get ready for work or school.


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