Freedom of the web in jeopardy

Chaz Nuttycombe

At one point, net neutrality, the idea that all data on the internet must be treated the same by internet service providers, was a bipartisan issue; both Republicans and Democrats supported the idea. Continue reading “Freedom of the web in jeopardy”


Riots break out in Charlotte over racial divide

Laura Swain

In this past month, a Mechanicsville resident, David Swain, was in the face of imminent danger while he was on a business trip in Charlotte, North Carolina.


After the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, on September 20, local members of the social movement, Black Lives Matter, were in an uproar. Violent riots soon followed as people paraded through the streets, chanting and damaging property as they went. Continue reading “Riots break out in Charlotte over racial divide”

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