Health science center brings 60 students to HHS

The HHS Specialty Center has over ten programs that students can enroll in to pursue their careers in Science, Health, and Safety. Students in ninth and tenth grade can apply to the four year Health Sciences cohort. If accepted, they will become full time Hanover High School students. Students enrolling in the program still have the option to take extra curricular classes. Colleges look for things that set students apart from each other and taking classes at the HHS Specialty Center will make students stand out from others. The Specialty Center can help students that want to go into the workforce directly after high school.
If you’re looking into being a nurse, pharmacy technician, medical yechnician, or a biotechnology researcher, The Health Sciences Program is the one for you. Students can participate in a four year program or choose single electives to guide them into their desired career. After completing four years of your Health Sciences classes students can earn health industry certifications. After their four years students can decide to go into the workforce or go into college for more training.
For more hands on learners, the Science Technology Engineering and Math program might be more fitting. The STEM program offers classes for Computer Science, Engineering, Electronics, Health Science, and Public Safety, the STEM program has exciting classes that don’t require students to be a full time Hanover High School student. Students can still apply to the HHS Specialty Center from any Hanover County High School. The classes are mostly hands-on allowing students to get their hands dirty and learn through experience.
The Health Sciences Center includes some core classes that you may not have realized were associated with the center. Health/PE, Biology, Chemistry, and English are all classes within the Health Sciences Center. There are also introductory classes to prepare students for more difficult health programs. In the last two years of the program, students choose their desired career path and further pursue it within the program. “I think the classes in the program are a good head start to begin your path in the medical field,” sophomore Jakerah Carey said. There are twenty total STEM electives that students can take. The electives help with engineering and electronics for a more mechanical field, but still offer health and medical classes for a nursing career choice. It is recommended that students take at least Algebra 1 before enrolling into any of the electives or programs. Students enrolled in the programs will still complete all classes necessary to graduate with an advanced diploma including world language and fine arts classes. STEM courses are double blocked meaning they will take half of the school day but will also give two credits towards your diploma. The HHS Specialty center offers exciting courses for rising 9th and 10th graders interested in pursuing careers in the science or medical fields.