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Trump stands with a member of Chinese Americans for Trump . Photo by MTC Campus

On June 16, 2015, business mogul Donald Trump officially declared his candidacy for the presidential nomination of
the Republican Party. On this
day in June, no one, with the
exception of Trump, could have
expected the successes that his
campaign has had so far.
Trump has caught the world’s
attention with his comments on
immigration, the Middle East,
foreign policy and many other
issues. At first no one could have
expected this brash businessman
to truly be a serious candidate
for the republican nomination.
But that was back in 2015. Now
in May of 2016, it looks almost
certain that Donald Trump will
be the republican nominee for
On May 3, Ted Cruz
officially announced the
withdrawal of his candidacy
for the Republican nomination.
The following day, Kasich also
announced his withdrawal.
Without Cruz and Kasich there
is no real competition to Donald
Cruz and Kasich’s withdrawals
came after humiliating losses in
the Indiana primary on May 3.
Trump took nearly 55 percent
of the vote, Cruz 37 percent and
Kasich took a mere 8 percent.
Trump left the state with all 57
Following these results, it
was nearly mathematically
impossible for Kasich and Cruz
to continue.
Even though the path to the
republican nomination is open
to Trump, he still has many
struggles to face. In order to
make his mark as a real obstacle
to whomever the democratic
nominee is, Trump must
try to unite the various key
individuals and factions of the
Republican Party.
Many influential Republican
Party members have voiced
their opposition to Donald
Trump. Even Speaker of the
House, Paul Ryan, has not
completely announced any
In addition to individuals,
many different factions of the
party have voiced their concerns
about Trump’s positions on
certain issues. Evangelical
groups have slammed Trump
over his support of abortion.
More libertarian and small
government factions have
raised their eyebrows about
Trump’s big corporation ideas
and ruthless business tactics.
When asked how Trump
can appeal to more voters,
HHS senior Sean Talbot said,
“Trump needs to relate more
to women.” Junior Jonathan
Waller agreed with Talbot and
also said, “Trump needs to stop
his rhetoric on immigrants and
Muslims if he wants to appeal to
more voters.”
World leaders have also
voiced their disagreement with
Donald Trump. German Vice
Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said
that Trump is “a threat to peace”
and to “economic development.”
MPs in the British House of
Commons have called Trump a
“hate preacher” in response to
his comments on Muslims.
Many experts have warned
that Trump will have to find
a better way to relate and
communicate with the US’s
allies if the US wants to continue
to benefit from Trans- Atlantic
trade and prosperity.

Teachers of the 2015- 2016 year

Sallie Sledd

Jenny White

This is English teacher Jennifer
White’s first year teaching
at HHS and she recently won
the “New Teacher of the Year”
“It was a big honor because
your colleagues vote for you,
so it’s nice to know that people
think that you’re doing a good
job,” White said.
White was sitting at her desk
before the 8:30 bell, when Principal
Christina Reece came in to
tell her the good news.
“It was a nice way to start the
day,” White said.


Beloved Band teacher, Amy
Birdsong, was awarded with
“Teacher of the Year”.
“It was a huge and breathtaking
surprise,” Birdsong said, “HHS is
such a big part of me and I respect
the awesome faculty we are blessed
to have so much–it was a very
humbling experience and rewarding
to my soul.”
Birdsong has been a crucial part
of the success of the Concert Band,
Wind Ensemble and the Marching
Band since the school opened.


Madison Lee

As the race to get into college intensifies,
the tempt to cheat grows stronger
and the actions of cheating normalizes.
Whether it’s a quick glance at your
neighbor’s paper or an elaborate plan to
get the answers it is considered cheating.
Cheating can result in suspension, a
zero put into the gradebook and distrust
from teachers and peers. In addition to
a bad grade that in some cases may act
as an anchor, cheating makes a striking
blow in one’s integrity. This is all we as
humans have. Money, clothes, popularity
are all fleeting, but virtue and individual
values and regrets are perpetual.
While the consequences of high
school dishonesty may be slight, getting
caught at a university is an automatic
sentence to expulsion without refund of
tuition and a permanent stain for other
colleges to see and reject. In today’s society
it is almost crucial to have obtained a
college degree to have any hope of having
a good job. By making the decision
to cheat, the American dream of having
a large house and a good job is almost ruined.
If your parents haven’t disowned
you by this point, you can count on the
unrelenting judgement of society.
“[I cheat] because I want to get into
a good college,” an anonymous student
If wrongfully accused of cheating students
at HHS may choose to go before
the Honor Council and make their case.
For students who are innocent this option
can save them from a bad grade and
a mark on their permanent record.
“I would rather see my students work
hard and come up a little short rather
than take the easy way out and cheat,”
science teacher Kari Phlegar said.
Within the past couple of years the
number of students who cheat has dramatically
increased. This reality is due
in part by the influx in access to technology
and the ever rising emphasis on academic
success. In a report from NBC, it
was found that about 30 percent of teens
feel sad, depressed, or overwhelmed as a
result of stress. It has been shown that
teens are being placed under as much as
adults. This high level of stress and anxiety
has negative physical effects such as
weariness, headaches, stomachaches, or,
in some cases, panic attacks. Increased
importance on advanced placement and
perfection causes students to resort to
cheating as their only hope of reaching
their often unrealistic goals of success.
“I also wouldn’t call it cheating I
would call it helping out because I do
some of it and [my friend] does some of
it,” an anonymous student said.
According to ABC News, 74 percent
of high school students, out of 12,000,
admitted to cheating at least once in the
last year.
While cheating is unacceptable, students
do have their reasons for cheating.
For many, they feel as though it is their
only option. Trapped by the pressures
of society, unobtainable standards being
preached by teachers, parents, peers and
colleges. Intense pressure from multiple
avenues, culminated with the idea that
the material taught won’t actually help
in the long run leads to a rapid downward
spiral in the education of the upcoming
generation as well as an early
sense of dissolution in the ways of the
“I think everyone at some point in
their mind considers [cheating]. It’s just
a part of human nature, but with cell
phone it’s just so much easier to achieve,”
Phlegar said.
In addition, the pressure to strive to
be a “good friend” can seemingly outweigh
the costs of cheating. In a time
when friends and popularity are a primary
concern it is easy to fall into the
trap of peer pressure.

Athletes of the Month


Jeremy Davis

Senior track star Jeremy Davis is
looking promising for a state title
going into the postseason. He has
already qualified for states in three
events, triple jump, long jump and
110 meter hurdles. The tournaments
haven’t even started.
In two of those three events Davis
set school records. He broke his
own record in the triple jump by
setting a mark of 47 feet, 7.25 inches.
In the 110 meter hurdles Davis
crushed the competition with a
time of 14.84 seconds.
The senior will attend college
next year for triple jump.
“I cannot wait to start the
next chapter of my track career,”
Davis said.


Catherine Fisher

She’s the face of the franchise.
Catherine Fisher, a senior and
four year starter on the varsity
field hockey team is a big reason
as to why they’re advancing
to the regional tournament this
Fisher, who was primarily a
goal scorer for the Hawks last season
has taken the role as more of
a facilitator this season.
Fisher leads the team in assists
with 21, to go along with the 30
goals she’s scored this year.
“My favorite moment from
this season was beating Lee Davis.
Our whole team is very familiar
with a lot of their players and it
made it a lot more special than
just any other win,” Fisher said.


Postseason hopes for spring sports

Willie Sadler

As the school year and regular season
come to an end, athletes at Hanover turn
their focus to post-season competition.
This year, HHS has a few teams with
pretty good chances of bringing home a
state title.
One of these teams is boys soccer.
With a team mainly composed of upperclassmen,
they definitely have the experience
to make a deep post-season run.
They also have been playing together for
a few years too, so chemistry is another
attribute that will certainly help them
out in playoff play. With these two factors
plus all their talent-combined, this
is a team that has a chance to bring back
a state title to Hanover.
However, this is also a team that has
had some problems in the regular season.
Having a tough time shooting this
year, they have lost to some teams that
they should have been able to beat. One
of these coming from conference foe
Midlothian. What this team needs to
do to be able to make it to the state title
game is to play the sides of the field better
and get more shots on goal.
As for the girls, they have been doing
well this season. With a key victory
against Midlothian, they are gaining momentum
at the right time. Furthermore,
their only loss is against Atlee, who has
seen success throughout the entire season.
If they continue to keep up the way
they are playing they too have a chance
to make it far into post-season play.
One team that has an almost guaranteed
pathway to the state title game
is boys lacrosse. They have been dominating
the scene all year long. Although
they did have a hiccup against Atlee and
lost a game they probably should have
won, they are in a good position to make
a run at the state title.
Girls lacrosse has had a seasons full
of ups and downs. They seem to be in
a pattern of winning a game and then
losing a game. They just cannot find any
consistency. That will be the key for
them if they want to do well outside of
the regular season. If they can get on a
winning streak, they will definitely see
some success after the regular season.
Both of the Hanover’s tennis teams
have a shot at being competitive in the
post season if they can keep up what
they have been doing all year. Especially
the boys, who are kind of an underdog
story, as they were mostly overlooked
and doubted coming into this season.
The girls have been a team to beat all
season, so they just need to stay composed.
“This season has gone well and now
I am excited to compete in the post-season.
The team has been looking good in
practice and I think that we are ready to
show off how well we can really play,”
Sophomore Turner Cole said.
Baseball is a team that has seen a lot
of success at the state level in the past.
This year, they have a chance to see
some more if they can play well in the
post-season. A team composed of mostly
upperclassmen, six of which who are going
on to play at college, they have all
the ingredients needed to win a state
Softball has been dominant all season
long. They should be one of the last
teams to exit the playoffs. As long as they
can keep their level of play and momentum
up, they won’t have any hiccups.
Track has a chance at sending many
athletes to regionals and states. The team
also has an opportunity to have some
state champions if all goes well in the
girls pole vault and boys long and triple

Chance at state title for girls tennis

Zach Palmer

June 11. It’s the day all high school the Month
teams wish to be playing, with the same
goal in mind: a state championship.
And after making a state championship
appearance last season, it looks like
the girl’s tennis team at HHS is taking
the same route this year.
This year’s team is 15-1 clinching
the top seed and home court advantage
throughout the conference tournament.
“What makes this team different
from last year is our depth. I don’t think
the bottom of the lineup last year is as
strong as it has been this season. The Kazelskis
twins have been a big part of our
lineup for us all season. Morgan hasn’t
lost a match all year at the five spot,” Assistant
Coach Phil Hein said.
Undoubtedly, this team works harder
than any team in the state. If one were to
glance at one of their practices, it would
be different than they expected. There’s
no time set aside to play around and socialize
with friends. Its constant drilling
and running, one similar to a college
“Our practices are insane. Our coaches
make us run a ton especially if we’re
fooling around. They get mad when we
take longer than two minutes for a water
break,” sophomore Mattie Moon said.
Aside from what the records show
and practice routines, this isn’t a powerhouse
team that has a dominant top
player. They win matches relying on the
depth of their starting six. This Hawks
starting lineup is comprised of three
sophomores, two freshman and a senior.
The depth, that they hoped would be
there against Midlothian, didn’t step up.
The Trojans ousted the Hawks 7-2 in a
match that was over before doubles play
even got going.
“The match was a lot better than
what the score said. We lost 7-2, but had
a bunch of matches that could’ve been
ours that just happened to swing Midlothian’s
way,” Hein said.
Caroline Hare, the one seed for the
Hawks split the first two sets before falling
in a tightly contested 3rd set 3-6, 7-6,
“In order to beat Midlo, we need to
be a more consistent team. We were
missing a lot of shots we are typically
able to make and that was the difference
the first time around,” Head Coach
Lindsay Hein said.
This team has all the pieces they need
to bring home a state title, now it’s just
about putting those pieces together at
the right time.
Regardless of if they’re able to bring
home a state championship or not this
year, you can expect to see them punching
a ticket to the state tournament in the
upcoming years based on their depth.
“We’re starting to act more like a
team and not as ourselves individually
which is a big step in suceeding on the
court,” Assistant Coach Hein said.

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