Huge Caucus Turnout

Callie Robinson


Seniors Patrick Todd (wearing a Rand Paul sweatshirt) and Rahul Zota discuss the Iowa Caucus results in calculus teacher Susan Glassburn’s class. Photo by Garrett Gauntt

While some people think the most
exciting day of February this year was
Valentine’s Day, others were far more
enthusiastic about the Iowa Caucus and
its mark as the beginning of primary
election season.
The Iowa Caucus has long been
an anticipated political event as it is
the first major day of the presidential
election voting process. The event is
known to have a roughly 43 percent
success rate at predicting the Democratic
candidate and a 50 percent success
rate at predicting the Republican
The turnout for this year was record
breaking in both the Republican and
Democratic caucuses. Also the caucuses
saw a big turnout of younger voters(
18-25 years old). The turn-out also
proved an increase in political activism
in most age groups.
This year, the results of the caucus
were particularly surprising. Before
the caucus, polls were showing Donald
Trump to have a significant lead on the
other Republican candidates and Hillary
Clinton to have a lead on Bernie
However, when results of the votes
were released at the end of the day,
Republican Ted Cruz took first for the
Republican candidates with Trump following
behind and Marco Rubio in a
surprisingly close third, considering his
polls before the caucus.
“I was surprised to see Cruz take
the win, but I was happy as I’d been
crossing my fingers for him.” supporter
Laurel Kalinowski said. “His ideological
views match very well with mine.
Cruz comes from a more strenuous
political background than Rubio, but
in general I think they’ve been butting
heads so much because of how similar
they are. As far as Trump, I think Cruz
has a good chance at coming out on top
because of his large amount of quiet
Democrats were full of emotion as
the votes revealed Sanders and Clinton
to be within 0.2 percent of each other,
with Clinton taking the win.
As the Iowa Caucus approached, Sanders
seemed to be gaining support from
many young voters, senior Maxwell
Cloe included.
“The major reason I’m supporting
Sanders is because my primary concern
is environmental issues, especially climate
change.” Cloe said. “Republicans
seem to have a view that global warming
is not severe and that’s tough for me
to reconcile with, as I believe our next
president needs to be able to pass laws
that will help us see environmental
progress. I think Bernie just has more
experience than Clinton, what with
his years in the Senate, and he seems to
want to ameliorate the problem. I was
pretty impressed with his results from
Iowa and I’m excited to see where he
ends up going into the future.”
On the Republican side, Marco Rubio
seems to be the most appealing to
younger voters, and many people were
ecstatic to see how well he did in Iowa.
“I think Rubio has the best chance
of winning in a general election because
of how moderate of a Republican
he is.” Rubio fan Ashton Hughes said.
“I like how he stands by his religion
and its influence on his politics because
it makes him compassionate. I think
he’ll bring the party together and will
do great things with the momentum he
has going now.”
While some candidates thrived, others
did not meet their campaign goals,
and withdrew from the race within
days of the Iowa Caucus. Senior Patrick
Todd was a long time Rand Paul fan,
and was heartbroken to see him end his
“I think that Rand Paul just underperformed
in Iowa and expected more
than the 5th place that he got.” Todd
said. “I always knew he was a bit of a
long shot, but I felt that he brought a
voice of liberty to the stage and that he
was the only candidate who could handle
the demands of the job as he had
the highest Senate vote attendance of
all of the Republican senators running
for president. I have no idea who I’m
voting for now.”
Todd is now a part of a large group
of Americans looking for a candidate to
give their vote to.
“I really don’t have a strong feeling
for any one candidate right now.” senior
Joseph Laux said. “I did not think
the Iowa Caucus results would be so
close but I can’t say that I really have
full faith in their accuracy as caucuses
have so much room for error. I’m really
waiting to see results from more primaries
coming up and I’m hoping that I’ll
figure out which candidate best supports
my views once the field narrows
a bit more and I can get more insight.”
While February was an exciting
month for politics, the race for the
White House is only beginning, and all
remaining candidates still have a long
way to go.


How cool was Marvel’s “Deadpool?”

Chandler Foster

On Valentine’s Day weekend,
Marvel released its first R-rated move
since being acquired by Disney. If
you are 17, go ahead and overpay for
a ticket to “Deadpool.” If you aren’t
17 yet, then get someone 21 or over
to take you to this movie. If nobody
over 21 will take you, you definitely
should not buy a ticket to another
movie and sneak in. Despite how
very easy that would be, you should
not do it.
Wade the Wisecracker’s R-rating
was a bold move by Fox Studios, but
it has already payed off big.
“Deadpool” has already set numerous
records, including highest-grossing R-rated
premiere and highest-grossing XMen
movie. Despite falling under
Marvel’s banner, “Deadpool” and
the X-Men movies fall in a different
universe than The Avenger’s Marvel
Cinematic Universe.
The MCU is still Marvel’s most
successful movie series though, and
it’s about to enter its “Phase 3” with
the upcoming “Captain America:
Civil War.” The MCU is produced directly
by Marvel and takes on a more
comic superhero vibe than Fox’s
more serious X-Men universe.
Fans of the MCU can get a sneakpeek
at what is to come by checking
out Marvel’s upcoming line-up
through 2019. For those curious,
there is a new “Guardians of Galaxy,”
another “Spiderman” reboot, and Black Panther
is finally getting his own movie.
If you’ve never heard of Black Panther,
all you need to know is that he
was the first black superhero and he’s
basically a hybrid of Iron Man’s money
and mind combined with Daredevil’s
skills (If you aren’t watching Daredevil
on Netflix, you’re wrong. Season
2 premiers in March, featuring
the Punisher. Seriously, watch it.).
An X-Men/Avengers cross-over
seems unlikely, but the Man in the
Red Suit’s success may inspire Marvel
to release their own R-rated superhero
movie in the coming years. While
it may not be “kid friendly,” many
hardcore comic fans are have already
begun celebrating a precedent for
accurately gritty movie adaptations
of their favorite heroes in all comic
universes, including previously mentioned
Punisher or DC’s Arsenal.

VA snow in February

Jack Proctor

People panicking, rushing to the
grocery store, buying generators,
blankets, coats, snow shovels; all were
common scenes this past January.
Mother Nature flexed her muscles as
snowfall crushed the mid-Atlantic
and northeast, leaving tons trapped in
powerless homes. Virginia in particular
was hit hard, receiving over one
foot across the entire Commonwealth.
February did not look much different.
The farmers’ almanac called for a
wet month, with precipitation levels
being forecasted for as much as five
inches above average.
Though February had some low
temperatures, some warm days
thrown into the mix. A common
theme was skies changing drastically
throughout the day, starting as sunny
or overcast and changing to the opposite
by the time school bells ring at
3:30 p.m.
“The first monstrous snow storm
had me quite ecstatic. If this greatness
could somehow repeat itself it would
be like having another winter break.
The only conflict would be if we had
to makeup these missed days. Hopefully
we can miss a couple extra days
so that we will not have to makeup
another dreadful day of school,” sophomore
Turner Cole said.
In Hanover County 10 days of
school have to be missed before they
are no longer made up. Four days
have been missed so far this year due
to snowfall. The probability of missing
ten days is not great but the chances
have definitely been enhanced by the
current long term forecast.
The downside to missing so many
school days is that school extends further
into June. The said to be oncoming
snow could potentially shorten
our summer. Many people are happy
about this but some would never trade
a few freezing cold winter days in exchange
for sun-kissed summer days
that could be spent by the poolside or
at the beach.
“Us as teachers we plan things out
months in advance. We have everything
in order about where we want
to be, so a couple of snow days here
and there can really back that up. Particularly,
it messes with SOL classes
[along with AP and IB classes]. SOL
classes have more pressure to fit a
tighter window because
the test is in May, so losing
those snow days can be detrimental,”
history teacher,
William Wheaton said.

Athletes of the Month


Alan Dabney

As mens basketball enters the
postseason, they will be relying
heavily on senior Alan Dabney.
Hanover’s success would not have
been possible without the star play
from Dabney.
He averages a double double
every game in points and rebounds.
Without that kind of performance
each game there is no way Hanover
would be where they are
Although he is the team’s leading
scorer, it has not been just the
efforts of Dabney that have given
the Hawks success. Going into the
playoffs Dabney knows that team
play will be crucial.
“I think that we’ll need to get
everyone involved. The power of
the team is the only way we are
going to go far into the postseason,”
Dabney said.


Mattie Grant

The girls swim team has seen
success these past two years. Much
of this can be attributed to junior
Mattie Grant. She has undoubtedly
helped to bring the team to the level
they are at now.
In doing so, she has won a total
of three conference titles. Two
of these were from the conference
meet this year, where she came in
first for the 400 and 200 free and the
team captured the title.
“It was nice to win conferences
two years in a row as a team. Previous
to that we had an awful team
and didn’t win a meet for the
whole season. Now we have a morale
booster and can say we’re conference
champs,” Grant said.

Confederates dominate Hawks

Zach Palmer

In court terms, Lee Davis has pleaded
no contest in its previous meetings
between the Hawks in wrestling. Last
month’s matchup proved to be different,
as the Confederates trumped the
Hawks in a one sided affair, 40-18.
After the loss of the senior, and defending
state champion Tanner Lacey,
the Hawks still have been able to win
matches with ease due to the expertise
of its seniors – specifically, T.J Allen
and Tyler Flora. The difference in this
meeting: those wins weren’t there for
the Hawks. None of the seniors were
victorious that night for HHS.
“Our guys came out way too cocky
knowing they hadn’t lost to Lee Davis
in years. They got caught up in all the
trash talk and it came back to bite us,”
Head Coach Aaron Bradley said.
Allen entered the match with a career
record of 99-18. His plan of recording
his 100th career win against
the Confederates that night didn’t
happen; at least not against them. Ned
Anthony, who had been all about
trash talking Allen before the match
over social media, lived up to it. However,
Allen did go on to capture his
100th win later that night against
Saint Christopher’s.
“I used up too much energy early
on in the match. I let him get in my
head and that affected me. If I could’ve
wrestled him again, I would’ve played
it smarter,” Allen said.
Flora, another scrappy wrestler for
the Hawks, blew a lead he typically
wouldn’t have. Flora led 5-2 against
his opponent, only to be conceded in
the third period.
“I don’t know what happened in
that match. I felt like I had a ton of
momentum throughout the match,
but then I blinked and was trying
to fight to get back into the match,”
Flora said.
The lone bright spot for the Hawks
that night came from the underclassmen,
along with one junior known
more for his play on the football field,
Clayton Cheatham.
Jordan Smith, a freshman for the
Hawks notched a huge win for the
Hawks that night, to only slightly
contain the dominating performance
by the Confederates. Smith has been
put into a strenuous position, but has
shown he can compete with most any
wrestler in the area.
“Jordan Smith has been one of our
most consistent wrestlers for us all
season. He was a great addition to our
team this year, trying to fill the roles
of J.D Gregory and Corbin Allen from
last season,” Bradley said.
Individually, the Hawks have what
it takes to bring home a couple more
state championships. But for the sake
of the team, there isn’t the leadership
from previous years. If HHS wants
a state championship in wrestling,
somebody will need to step into the
role of a leader.
The Hawks will need to have a
solid conference and regional tournament
in order to win the state championship
this year.
“We’re going to need many individuals
to step up and advance to the
state tournament if we want to have
a shot at the team title,” Bradley said.

Boys and girls swimming caputure titles

Willie Sadler

Last year, the Hawk’s Swimming
Team unexpectedly took the title at the
Conference 20 meet. This year, they
proved it was not a fluke and defended
their title, beating out Great Bridge by
392 combined points. A couple weeks
after that, the boys were runners up in
the regional meet and the girls placed
third. Now, they are looking ahead to
the state meet.
The team had an outstanding showing
at this conference meet. It was
pretty much Hanover from start to finish.
There was never any doubt that
they did not have the title secured.
The hawks came out on top in many
events, with the boys and girls both
winning the 200 medley relay. These
victories helped them to secure the
conference title for the second time in
a row.
Perhaps the most impressive win
was by junior Mattie Grant, where she
won by about 50 meters, or two laps,
in the 500 free. On top of winning the
500 free, she also came back to win the
200 free. These wins gave Grant her
second and third conference title.
“I wasn’t expected to win by a
whole lot, so it took me by surprise,
but I was very pleased with the outcome,”
Grant said.
Although the Hawks were on a roll,
the boys stumbled in the 400 free relay.
It was looking like they were going
to win it, but they were disqualified
for diving too early. Obviously,
this did not cost the Hawks the meet,
but it would have have been that much
better had they won the relay.
“I was expecting a faster finish, but
Ross didn’t give me that. I thought he
was going to come in with another
stroke, but then he slowed down and
that threw me off,” sophomore Patrick
Townsend said.
The Hawk’s sent 32 swimmers to
regionals last year. At the conference
meet this year, they had 33 out of 35
swimmers qualify for regionals, qualifying
in 61 of the 63 individual events
and all six relays. That is an improvement
rate of 52 percent over last year
for the Hawks.
Although the competition was not
that great at conferences, it was certainly
stiffer at regionals and will be
at states. Last year, 17 of the Hawks
moved on to the state tournament.
This year, they had 12 get past the regional
meet. They are still predicted to
do well at the states though, with the
boys 400 free relay seeded in second
Hopefully, the Hawks will keep the
momentum going. A few years ago,
they were not even considered competition.
After winning the conference
title two years in a row and placing
in regionals for both boys and girls
this year, they are becoming a powerhouse.
If they continue to swim with
the confidence and momentum they
have a shot at bringing home a title at
the state level.


Jack Proctor


Junior Jason Wade leaps and lays the ball in against Atlee . Photo by Kenny Moore

Being only four miles apart, Hanover
and Atlee are inevitably immense
rivals. Since Hanover’s opening
in 2003, the schools have traded
wins back and forth while students
showcase their hatred towards one
another. Hanover took the upper
hand in this ongoing battle on January
29, as men’s basketball defeated
the Atlee High School Raiders for the
second time this season.
In their first meeting on January 8,
Hanover escaped narrowly by a score
of 86 to 80. The Hawks were able to
pull away at the end due to the clutch
free throw shooting from senior Alan
Dabney. He finished the night with
24 points. Along with Dabney’s outstanding
play, junior Jason Wade also
had a big game.
Wade had the most impactful plays
of the night. Late in the first half, he
threw down two posterizing dunks on
consecutive possessions to swing all of
the momentum in favor of the Hawks.
From that point on, even though Atlee
would take the lead a few more times,
Hanover felt like they had a tight grip
on the game. Before fouling out in
the fading minutes, Wade played outstanding
defense, blocking a few shots
and stealing the ball a few more. A big
reason for the win was because of the
play from the standout junior.
“I was actually hoping the dunk
would get me in a rhythm because
I was shooting poorly before that.
It was definitely big in swinging the
momentum in our way, however. The
crowd really got into the game after
that,” Wade said.
After winning the first game, the
Hawks were looking for the seasonal
sweep. The second game followed
many of the same trends as the first.
There were many lead changes intertwined
with scoring streaks and a
great atmosphere with considerable
On January 29, the dynamic duo
took control of this rivalry once again
as Hanover raided the Raiders with
an 82 to 75 triumph. Wade had two
big dunks against Atlee for the second
time this year that shifted momentum
towards the Hawks Nest. However, it
was Dabney who brought it home for
Dabney put up a thrilling performance,
scoring an imperative 32
points along with hitting his free
throws down the stretch. It was a
monumental night for the senior
due to another reason. The four year
Hawk knocked in his 1,000 career
point. Being the second player to do
this only behind Greg Lewis, Dabney
will definitely be etched into HHS
Athletics history for accomplishing
such a remarkable feat.
“It means a lot. It shows me that all
of my hard work has paid off. I have
gotten out what I put in,” Dabney said
about point number 1,000.
For the time being, Hanover holds
all bragging rights in regard to this
clash of county foes due to the seasonal
sweep. The Raiders will be back
next season seeking revenge. Nonetheless,
it is currently the season of
the Hawks as they soar high above
Atlee High School.

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