Huge Caucus Turnout

Callie Robinson


Seniors Patrick Todd (wearing a Rand Paul sweatshirt) and Rahul Zota discuss the Iowa Caucus results in calculus teacher Susan Glassburn’s class. Photo by Garrett Gauntt

While some people think the most
exciting day of February this year was
Valentine’s Day, others were far more
enthusiastic about the Iowa Caucus and
its mark as the beginning of primary
election season.
The Iowa Caucus has long been
an anticipated political event as it is
the first major day of the presidential
election voting process. The event is
known to have a roughly 43 percent
success rate at predicting the Democratic
candidate and a 50 percent success
rate at predicting the Republican
The turnout for this year was record
breaking in both the Republican and
Democratic caucuses. Also the caucuses
saw a big turnout of younger voters(
18-25 years old). The turn-out also
proved an increase in political activism
in most age groups.
This year, the results of the caucus
were particularly surprising. Before
the caucus, polls were showing Donald
Trump to have a significant lead on the
other Republican candidates and Hillary
Clinton to have a lead on Bernie
However, when results of the votes
were released at the end of the day,
Republican Ted Cruz took first for the
Republican candidates with Trump following
behind and Marco Rubio in a
surprisingly close third, considering his
polls before the caucus.
“I was surprised to see Cruz take
the win, but I was happy as I’d been
crossing my fingers for him.” supporter
Laurel Kalinowski said. “His ideological
views match very well with mine.
Cruz comes from a more strenuous
political background than Rubio, but
in general I think they’ve been butting
heads so much because of how similar
they are. As far as Trump, I think Cruz
has a good chance at coming out on top
because of his large amount of quiet
Democrats were full of emotion as
the votes revealed Sanders and Clinton
to be within 0.2 percent of each other,
with Clinton taking the win.
As the Iowa Caucus approached, Sanders
seemed to be gaining support from
many young voters, senior Maxwell
Cloe included.
“The major reason I’m supporting
Sanders is because my primary concern
is environmental issues, especially climate
change.” Cloe said. “Republicans
seem to have a view that global warming
is not severe and that’s tough for me
to reconcile with, as I believe our next
president needs to be able to pass laws
that will help us see environmental
progress. I think Bernie just has more
experience than Clinton, what with
his years in the Senate, and he seems to
want to ameliorate the problem. I was
pretty impressed with his results from
Iowa and I’m excited to see where he
ends up going into the future.”
On the Republican side, Marco Rubio
seems to be the most appealing to
younger voters, and many people were
ecstatic to see how well he did in Iowa.
“I think Rubio has the best chance
of winning in a general election because
of how moderate of a Republican
he is.” Rubio fan Ashton Hughes said.
“I like how he stands by his religion
and its influence on his politics because
it makes him compassionate. I think
he’ll bring the party together and will
do great things with the momentum he
has going now.”
While some candidates thrived, others
did not meet their campaign goals,
and withdrew from the race within
days of the Iowa Caucus. Senior Patrick
Todd was a long time Rand Paul fan,
and was heartbroken to see him end his
“I think that Rand Paul just underperformed
in Iowa and expected more
than the 5th place that he got.” Todd
said. “I always knew he was a bit of a
long shot, but I felt that he brought a
voice of liberty to the stage and that he
was the only candidate who could handle
the demands of the job as he had
the highest Senate vote attendance of
all of the Republican senators running
for president. I have no idea who I’m
voting for now.”
Todd is now a part of a large group
of Americans looking for a candidate to
give their vote to.
“I really don’t have a strong feeling
for any one candidate right now.” senior
Joseph Laux said. “I did not think
the Iowa Caucus results would be so
close but I can’t say that I really have
full faith in their accuracy as caucuses
have so much room for error. I’m really
waiting to see results from more primaries
coming up and I’m hoping that I’ll
figure out which candidate best supports
my views once the field narrows
a bit more and I can get more insight.”
While February was an exciting
month for politics, the race for the
White House is only beginning, and all
remaining candidates still have a long
way to go.

How cool was Marvel’s “Deadpool?”

Chandler Foster

On Valentine’s Day weekend,
Marvel released its first R-rated move
since being acquired by Disney. If
you are 17, go ahead and overpay for
a ticket to “Deadpool.” If you aren’t
17 yet, then get someone 21 or over
to take you to this movie. If nobody
over 21 will take you, you definitely
should not buy a ticket to another
movie and sneak in. Despite how
very easy that would be, you should
not do it.
Wade the Wisecracker’s R-rating
was a bold move by Fox Studios, but
it has already payed off big.
“Deadpool” has already set numerous
records, including highest-grossing R-rated
premiere and highest-grossing XMen
movie. Despite falling under
Marvel’s banner, “Deadpool” and
the X-Men movies fall in a different
universe than The Avenger’s Marvel
Cinematic Universe.
The MCU is still Marvel’s most
successful movie series though, and
it’s about to enter its “Phase 3” with
the upcoming “Captain America:
Civil War.” The MCU is produced directly
by Marvel and takes on a more
comic superhero vibe than Fox’s
more serious X-Men universe.
Fans of the MCU can get a sneakpeek
at what is to come by checking
out Marvel’s upcoming line-up
through 2019. For those curious,
there is a new “Guardians of Galaxy,”
another “Spiderman” reboot, and Black Panther
is finally getting his own movie.
If you’ve never heard of Black Panther,
all you need to know is that he
was the first black superhero and he’s
basically a hybrid of Iron Man’s money
and mind combined with Daredevil’s
skills (If you aren’t watching Daredevil
on Netflix, you’re wrong. Season
2 premiers in March, featuring
the Punisher. Seriously, watch it.).
An X-Men/Avengers cross-over
seems unlikely, but the Man in the
Red Suit’s success may inspire Marvel
to release their own R-rated superhero
movie in the coming years. While
it may not be “kid friendly,” many
hardcore comic fans are have already
begun celebrating a precedent for
accurately gritty movie adaptations
of their favorite heroes in all comic
universes, including previously mentioned
Punisher or DC’s Arsenal.

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