Jonathan Falls


Trump stands with a member of Chinese Americans for Trump . Photo by MTC Campus

On June 16, 2015, business mogul Donald Trump officially declared his candidacy for the presidential nomination of
the Republican Party. On this
day in June, no one, with the
exception of Trump, could have
expected the successes that his
campaign has had so far.
Trump has caught the world’s
attention with his comments on
immigration, the Middle East,
foreign policy and many other
issues. At first no one could have
expected this brash businessman
to truly be a serious candidate
for the republican nomination.
But that was back in 2015. Now
in May of 2016, it looks almost
certain that Donald Trump will
be the republican nominee for
On May 3, Ted Cruz
officially announced the
withdrawal of his candidacy
for the Republican nomination.
The following day, Kasich also
announced his withdrawal.
Without Cruz and Kasich there
is no real competition to Donald
Cruz and Kasich’s withdrawals
came after humiliating losses in
the Indiana primary on May 3.
Trump took nearly 55 percent
of the vote, Cruz 37 percent and
Kasich took a mere 8 percent.
Trump left the state with all 57
Following these results, it
was nearly mathematically
impossible for Kasich and Cruz
to continue.
Even though the path to the
republican nomination is open
to Trump, he still has many
struggles to face. In order to
make his mark as a real obstacle
to whomever the democratic
nominee is, Trump must
try to unite the various key
individuals and factions of the
Republican Party.
Many influential Republican
Party members have voiced
their opposition to Donald
Trump. Even Speaker of the
House, Paul Ryan, has not
completely announced any
In addition to individuals,
many different factions of the
party have voiced their concerns
about Trump’s positions on
certain issues. Evangelical
groups have slammed Trump
over his support of abortion.
More libertarian and small
government factions have
raised their eyebrows about
Trump’s big corporation ideas
and ruthless business tactics.
When asked how Trump
can appeal to more voters,
HHS senior Sean Talbot said,
“Trump needs to relate more
to women.” Junior Jonathan
Waller agreed with Talbot and
also said, “Trump needs to stop
his rhetoric on immigrants and
Muslims if he wants to appeal to
more voters.”
World leaders have also
voiced their disagreement with
Donald Trump. German Vice
Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said
that Trump is “a threat to peace”
and to “economic development.”
MPs in the British House of
Commons have called Trump a
“hate preacher” in response to
his comments on Muslims.
Many experts have warned
that Trump will have to find
a better way to relate and
communicate with the US’s
allies if the US wants to continue
to benefit from Trans- Atlantic
trade and prosperity.

Teachers of the 2015- 2016 year

Sallie Sledd

Jenny White

This is English teacher Jennifer
White’s first year teaching
at HHS and she recently won
the “New Teacher of the Year”
“It was a big honor because
your colleagues vote for you,
so it’s nice to know that people
think that you’re doing a good
job,” White said.
White was sitting at her desk
before the 8:30 bell, when Principal
Christina Reece came in to
tell her the good news.
“It was a nice way to start the
day,” White said.


Beloved Band teacher, Amy
Birdsong, was awarded with
“Teacher of the Year”.
“It was a huge and breathtaking
surprise,” Birdsong said, “HHS is
such a big part of me and I respect
the awesome faculty we are blessed
to have so much–it was a very
humbling experience and rewarding
to my soul.”
Birdsong has been a crucial part
of the success of the Concert Band,
Wind Ensemble and the Marching
Band since the school opened.


Madison Lee

As the race to get into college intensifies,
the tempt to cheat grows stronger
and the actions of cheating normalizes.
Whether it’s a quick glance at your
neighbor’s paper or an elaborate plan to
get the answers it is considered cheating.
Cheating can result in suspension, a
zero put into the gradebook and distrust
from teachers and peers. In addition to
a bad grade that in some cases may act
as an anchor, cheating makes a striking
blow in one’s integrity. This is all we as
humans have. Money, clothes, popularity
are all fleeting, but virtue and individual
values and regrets are perpetual.
While the consequences of high
school dishonesty may be slight, getting
caught at a university is an automatic
sentence to expulsion without refund of
tuition and a permanent stain for other
colleges to see and reject. In today’s society
it is almost crucial to have obtained a
college degree to have any hope of having
a good job. By making the decision
to cheat, the American dream of having
a large house and a good job is almost ruined.
If your parents haven’t disowned
you by this point, you can count on the
unrelenting judgement of society.
“[I cheat] because I want to get into
a good college,” an anonymous student
If wrongfully accused of cheating students
at HHS may choose to go before
the Honor Council and make their case.
For students who are innocent this option
can save them from a bad grade and
a mark on their permanent record.
“I would rather see my students work
hard and come up a little short rather
than take the easy way out and cheat,”
science teacher Kari Phlegar said.
Within the past couple of years the
number of students who cheat has dramatically
increased. This reality is due
in part by the influx in access to technology
and the ever rising emphasis on academic
success. In a report from NBC, it
was found that about 30 percent of teens
feel sad, depressed, or overwhelmed as a
result of stress. It has been shown that
teens are being placed under as much as
adults. This high level of stress and anxiety
has negative physical effects such as
weariness, headaches, stomachaches, or,
in some cases, panic attacks. Increased
importance on advanced placement and
perfection causes students to resort to
cheating as their only hope of reaching
their often unrealistic goals of success.
“I also wouldn’t call it cheating I
would call it helping out because I do
some of it and [my friend] does some of
it,” an anonymous student said.
According to ABC News, 74 percent
of high school students, out of 12,000,
admitted to cheating at least once in the
last year.
While cheating is unacceptable, students
do have their reasons for cheating.
For many, they feel as though it is their
only option. Trapped by the pressures
of society, unobtainable standards being
preached by teachers, parents, peers and
colleges. Intense pressure from multiple
avenues, culminated with the idea that
the material taught won’t actually help
in the long run leads to a rapid downward
spiral in the education of the upcoming
generation as well as an early
sense of dissolution in the ways of the
“I think everyone at some point in
their mind considers [cheating]. It’s just
a part of human nature, but with cell
phone it’s just so much easier to achieve,”
Phlegar said.
In addition, the pressure to strive to
be a “good friend” can seemingly outweigh
the costs of cheating. In a time
when friends and popularity are a primary
concern it is easy to fall into the
trap of peer pressure.

Same bill, new faces

Garrett Gauntt


This is not the actual plan for the new bill’s layout but shows Tubman all over the bill. “Tubman’s $20 Takeover” by Garrett Gauntt.

Little green men. For those of us
lucky enough, when we open our
wallet these men are staring at us.
Some people may even have women
in their wallet but that’s not currency
and that’s a whole other subject.
The U.S. Treasury recently announced
a change in currency that
may just allow little green women to
appear in our wallets.
The Treasury secretary Jacob J.
Lew made an announcement on
April 20, 2016 that there will be two
bill changes, not of value, but of the
people on them.
This comes from a recent social
push for getting important women in
history to be recognized by the government
in an everlasting way and
also the questionable racism and sexism
of only having white men on the
U.S. currency.
This issue came into public view
by a new progressive treasury and
strong support by U.S citizens spearheaded
by the feminist movement.
On political scale both the Republican
and Democrat party support
this movement of getting women on
a bill. Even in a recent Republican
debate one of the ending questions
was “Which women should be on the
10 dollar bill?”
Three of the candidates answered
with “Rosa Parks,” but Ted Cruz who
also said Parks mentioned somewhere
around the line that we should keep
Hamilton on the $10 bill and kick
Jackson off the $20 bill. Cruz’s idea
was very near to that of what actually
The Treasury released their plan
of placing Harriett Tubman on $20
bill and removing Andrew Jackson
from the bill.
Harriet Tubman was a chosen
to be put on this bill because of her
activism against slavery and her extensive
work freeing thousands of
slaves working in the Underground
“I like the fact the fact that they
picked Harriet Tubman instead of
Susan B. Anothy because I think less
people know about Harriet Tubman.
What she did was important,” former
Modern Global and current World
History II teacher Caroline Bare stated.
Tubman’s face will replace Jackson’s,
but the pose/picture that is
planned to go there has not been released
to the public.
Now to the $10 bill. Alexander
Hamilton is not being removed from
it; instead, people are being added.
On the opposite side of the bill from
Hamilton the treasury plans to place
five influential American women.
The space management has not
been questioned yet but may be a
problem. Over all, this does allow for
many women to be recognized for
their activist work.
The women going on the ten dollar
bill are Lucretia Mott, Sojourner
Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth
Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul. They
are all activists from their generation
that worked with improving areas
in a variety of issues that range from
religion reform to abolitionism to
women rights.
“I think when it comes to history,
women don’t really get talked about.
Like even on history SOL’s you see
men talked about signifcantly more,”
Bare said. “I really think it’s a step in
the right direction.”

Barrack leaves for Thomas Dale

Jordan Clark


Chorus teacher James Barrack conducts in-front of the 2014 SFX choir, a mixed show choir, to help them sing their serenading ballad. Photo by Laura Throckmorton Gauntt.

“Mr. Barrack was the person who
taught me to do what I love. We
are all extremely happy for him and
happy for his incredible opportunity,
but I can easily say for all of us
in the choral department that it will
be hard to move on,” junior Kauryn
Wilson said.
As the choir students fled to the
choral room to hear what Choral
Director Jamie Barrack’s announcement
was, no one saw what was coming.
On April 5, the news that Mr.
Barrack was leaving for an alternate
job was announced. As of the next
school year Barrack will be working
at Thomas Dale High School as the
Director of the Arts Department.
“When he walked up to the front
you could tell that the news was going
to be sad right away and that
something was up. Everyone tried to
keep it together, but there were many
tears shed,” junior Jordan Brown said.
With the news out, everyone continues
to look forward to the spring
concert, which will be the last performance
all HHS chorus students
will have with Barrack.
“It is very depressing because he is
one of the best choral directors ever.
Though Barrack is leaving I do plan
to stay in chorus throughout my high
school career. I am a little nervous
to see who will replace him because
they will probably have a whole new
teaching style, but I am excited for
what is in store for the choral program
and Barrack at his new job,”
sophomore Erin Bartal said.
Barrack, having taught at HHS for
years, has given great hopes to those
who have had siblings go through
the choir department with him as a
teacher. Many look forward to high
school chorus because they know the
high expectations of Barrack’s program.
“I have heard of how good of a
chorus teacher he is through my older
sister, who previously had him, so
it is very sad that he is leaving, but
I do plan to continue to take chorus
because I love it. I feel bad for the juniors
who do not get to spend their
senior year with him. We will have
to work even harder in the years to
come to be as good as we are with
Barrack,” freshman Mackenzie Miller
Many students look up to him and
often feel as though the chorus room
is their home within the school.
“He is more than a teacher. He is
a role model kind of like a parent so
it is very sad that he is leaving, but I
am happy for him because it is a really
good opportunity and he gets to
work closer to his family along with
working at the same high school his
daughter will be attending as a freshman,”
Brown said.
The senior choir students were
so saddened by the news of Barrack
leaving that they were unwilling to
talk, but Julianne Davis on behalf of
the choir seniors, said the following:
“We are very excited about his
new opportunity and extremely sad
to see him go, but we wish the best of
luck to everyone in the choirs for the
next few years.”

We now allow bikes in school

Kali Wright

Students may have noticed
something a little unusual about
Hanover High School’s library
upon returning to school. When
you hear of a school receiving
new exercise equipment, you
would expect it to appear in the
gym. However, that isn’t the case
for HHS.
On March 25, 2016, the Friday
before spring break started for
Hanover students, Jim Massey
helped to set up two new exercise
bikes in the school library. The
exercise bikes were donated
by the Parent Teacher Student
Association, more commonly
known by their acronym PTSA.
“We’re hoping that the
students will read while they
exercise. We specifically chose
that style of bike in which the
students can sit back and pedal
and read a magazine or a book,”
Kim Weis, HHS librarian, said.
The exercise bikes were
donated in April, which is
National Library Month. More
specifically, April 10 through the
16 is National Library Week. The
theme of the week is “Libraries
Transform”, in honor of the bike
additions to the library. The
PTSA hopes for students and staff
to “transform” while they read.
“Hopefully this will help with
silent reading. Not every student
wants to sit down and read a 250
page book, but they might have
time for twenty minutes out
of the day to sit down and read
a magazine. As long as they’re
reading, we’re going to try it.
That’s what we’re really trying to
promote,” Weis said.
Studies show that being active
while reading increases mental
capability and helps people
process information correctly.
Even PBS and Cartoon Network
have targeted this by releasing
commercial urging kids to be
more active because this will
help increase the capacity of
information a brain can hold.
The bikes in the library are a
step that shows Hanover targeting
both trying to stay fit and learning
at the same time.


Willie Sadler


Protestors take a strong stand on the issue in California. Photo from MCT Campus

In a battle over the right to privacy
versus national security, the FBI has
taken tech giant Apple to court. The
issue: whether or not Apple should
create software to disable the effects of
wrongly entering the password multiple
In an investigation into the shooting
tragedy in San Bernardino that occurred
on December 2, the FBI found an
iPhone, belonging to one of the shooters,
Syed Farook. The reason why the
FBI cannot gain access into the phone is
simple: it is password protected. After it
was determined that the FBI would not
be able to unlock the phone without
deleting everything on it, they turned
to Apple for help.
Some weeks of negotiation later, Apple,
in a public letter, stated that they
would not create new software to help
the FBI unlock the phone. They included
that the government does not have a
legal right to force participation in the
investigation onto Apple, nor make it
dispose of its guarantee of the safety and
privacy of customers data. This prompted
a nationwide debate.
Depending on the poll, the public
supports both Apple and the FBI.
A poll taken by Morning Consult on
February 26 shows that 51 percent of
Americans say Apple should comply,
with 33 percent disagreeing, with 16
percent not knowing who they support
or not caring. This is the similar to an
earlier poll by Pew Research, showing
that 51 percent support the FBI and 38
percent side with Apple. While these
two show that the federal government
has the support of the people, a Reuters/
Ipsos poll showed 46 percent in favor of
Apple with 35 percent disagreeing and
20 percent not knowing.
The main point of the argument for
the FBI is national security. The reason
they need access on the phone is because
they believe that it most likely
contains information about the interactions
between the two shooters and
their connections. However, the FBI
has come to a roadblock in the investigation
because they cannot get into the
phone. It should be noted that up to this
point Apple has cooperated with the
FBI and given them information from
the cloud.
“I believe that in America everyone
is entitled to a certain degree of privacy.
However, there comes a point where
the importance of national protection
becomes greater than the necessity of
privacy. For this reason, Apple should
release the contents of Syed Farook’s
phone to the government,” junior Will
Chesley said.
On Apple’s side, they are refusing to
comply with the FBI in a cry of privacy.
They have the support of several other
tech companies, including Google, Microsoft
and Twitter. Other companies
that publicly support Apple are Airbnb,
AT&T and the trade group Consumer
Technology Association. Apple’s argument
for why they are not creating new
software for the FBI is that by creating
a “backdoor,” they believe it is compromising
their customers’ personal information.
A “backdoor” is simply a way
into the product. In this case, that is an
“I believe that Apple complying
with the FBI would give hackers and
others access to it and it will endanger
the privacy of Americans. [The FBI]
shouldn’t try to force Apple to do it. If
Apple doesn’t want to do it, they have a
right not to,” sophomore Bella Seip said.

A whole new Mr. HHS winner

Brittney Nadeau


Seniors Ryan Dore and Thomas McAndrew perform their skit. Photo by Reese Sayles

Lightsabers, tutus and Disney princesses
were just a few of the things
present at Mr. HHS on Friday March
4, 2016, in the Hanover auditorium.
Mr. HHS is a pageant held annually
for male students who attend Hanover
High. They start out with an opening
act as a group and then do their own
individual talent acts. There is also a
formal portion of the show where the
guys dress up and answer questions
like they would in a real pageant.
The contestants were senior Hunter
Bellows, senior Cole Hodges, senior
TJ Allen, senior Aaron Gallagher, senior
Jacob Wright, senior Tyler Flora,
senior Tanner Lacey, senior RJ Garza,
senior Cole Bordonie, senior Thomas
McAndrew, senior Ryan Dore and
senior Joe Fishpaw. The judges for
the evening were English teacher
Lisa Martin, Attendance Secretary
Augusta Kennedy, history teacher
Bill Wheaton, English teacher Emily
Fleisher, and math teacher Allison
League with Spanish teacher Chad
Taylor as the M.C.
They represented clubs and sports
such as Theatre, Lacrosse and Golf.
“I thought I could contribute to the
senior class and be funny and just entertain
the school.” Garza said.
Each contestant chose a talent to
perform. Some even paired up for
funny skits. The performances ranged
from impersonations to ribbon dancing.
“My talent was my impersonation
of Donald Trump and I had Joe Fishpaw
help me. He was the commentator
guy. I chose it because I’m really
good at impersonations and I thought
it’d be really funny because I’m Mexican
and he’s made jokes about Mexicans,”
Garza said.
The popular act of the night was
the Aladdin skit, where Ryan Dore
dressed up as Aladdin and Thomas
McAndrew dressed up as Jasmine, and
they both rode hover boards while reenacting
“A Whole New World” from
the movie.
“I loved dressing up and riding
around on the hover board, making
people laugh. It’s a classic movie and
it’s a good, meaningful song,” Dore
Dore was not the only student to
find enjoyment out of his reenactment
of “A Whole New World.” Many people
in the crowd were laughing.
“We were laughing nonstop the
entire time,” senior Morgan Cole said
about the crowd.
Mr. HHS was put together with
lots of help from the junior class officers.
“I choreographed the fight scene
and helped plan it and organize what
was going to happen and everything
that was going on. I also had other
officers that helped me with it who
were Naisergi Shah, Nicole Bradford,
Caroline Drumheller, Nicole Bradford
and Maddie Gordon,” junior
Demi Friend said.
After days of rehearsal, they were
ready to put on a fantastic show.
“Rehearsals were kind of chaotic at
first because we got noodles to practice
the opening fight scene with and
we fooled around a lot, but then we
got our act together the next day and
it got better from there on. The show
really came together,” Garza said.
The contestants were hilarious and
their acts were on point, but there
could only be one winner. After a
Steve Harvey joke from the MC, Taylor,
some of the audience and contestants
were confused because he
announced that Tyler Flora was the
winner. After he cleared up that he
was joking and Flora was actually the
runner up, he announced that Ryan
Dore is Mr. HHS 2016.
“Being Mr. HHS feels pretty cool I
didn’t think I was going to win,” Dore
“I really liked the person they
chose who won because Ryan did a
really good job and he was committed
to it and he was really funny and his
act was funny,” Friend said.

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