Theatre Instagram

Hayley Tsutsumi

Although social media is thought to be a nuisance in school, some teachers are finding ways to use it for educational purposes.

This year Theatre Arts teacher, Deb Clinton, is hoping to open her students up to social media, and have all of her classes make Instagram accounts.  The purpose of this idea is to take two things that are so prevalent in students lives, education and social media, and bring them together to have a positive effect in the classroom. These Instagram accounts have the potential to bring awareness to the Hanover theatre department on a global scale, and show the advantages of using social media for educational purposes.

On the first day of class, Clinton introduced the assignment of the Instagram accounts. The assignment was made to be completely student operated.  Many students took interest in this project and Clinton assigned two students from each class to take on leadership positions. Having this position entailed setting up the accounts and assigning their classmates to make posts.

For the B2 theatre  class, sophomores Zara Thornton and Kyle Dawson were chosen to run the account. They hope to make it a group effort with their classmates by having everyone in the class take turns posting on the account.

“We can show off what we’re doing in our class to the world” said Thornton.  

This year holds many opportunities for the hanover theatre department and the B2 theatre class. Follow there instagram @htc_theatreb2

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