New Football Players

Josh Slate

Senior year is the last chance to make a name for yourself.

Seniors Joshua Blue and Justin Davis did just that in deciding to join Hanover’s football team  this year. They are inexperienced, but their talent, their ability to learn quickly, and the great coaching staff at Hanover, the two of them have the potential to be star players.


Q: What made you want to play football for Hanover?

Blue: “It was my senior year and I haven’t played and Coach Stoudt has always asked me to play and everything lined up and I was you know what, hey, I want to play football in my last year”

Davis: “I had friends doing it, and I thought I’d do well so I said ‘why not”  

Q: Is there any pressure walking out under the lights each Friday?

Blue: “Yes and no, there is pressure only  because a lot of people are there. But at the same time, people don’t expect us to be really good, so there’s no pressure in that sense.”

Davis: “No not really”

Q: Do you have a superstition or a special routine before each game?

Blue: “Somebody gets the axe and before the game they run on the field and put the axe in the ground with some fierce might.”

Davis: “I get pumped up on music but the team, we go touch the hawk and the rock.”

Q: What do you think you have to offer to the team?

Blue: “I think I have some size at the receiver position, I think I work hard and have a positive attitude. Those are some positive attributes to every team and I think I bring that to the Hawks football team.”

Davis: “I hit hard and I have a positive attitude.”

Q: What do you think the rest of the season has to offer?

Blue: “I think there is a lot of green grass ahead of us, we’ve had a shaky start to say the least but I think we can pull everything together and hopefully see some wins here very soon.”

Davis: “I think we can do well if we stay on course and work hard.”

Both Blue, and Davis’ positive attitudes look to propel this Hanover Hawks football program forward in their final year.

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