Art Department Runs School-wide Paint By Number

Rhane Elder

To celebrate Black History Month in Hanover,  local artist Jason Ford paired with the IB Art Department to create a new mural to bring more awareness to the historical month. The mural was made to recognize African-American heros from Richmond. 

The project included paintings of famous people like Maggie L. Walker, Arthur Ashe, Ella Fitzgerald and Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson. Ford drew the  collage ahead of time but left it unpainted. Numbers were placed in the unoccupied spaces to show the participants what color corresponded to the space. The IB Art class set the painting up and assisted in overseeing the production of the painting.

The painting of the mural took place on February 12 in the cafeteria during all four lunches. A table was set out with eight paint colors numbered one through eight. Students and staff could choose a color and paint the corresponding section from the cup. After the school painted, the IB Art students cleaned up the lines, and completed the painting.

Last year the Art Department had a successful paint by number collage as well. The last collage consisted of famous African-Americans, like Martin Luther King Jr. and Harriet Tubman. It was a huge success, and can now be seen hanging in the cafeteria.

Ford is the owner of Nosaj Authentics, a company that can be commissioned to paint murals. clothing and paintings can be purchased From the website, . Ford has done murals before in Hanover High, including the Specialty Center mural outside of the 2100s pod, and the hawk mural beside the front office  The new mural will be hung in the cafeteria next to last year’s mural.

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