Republicans vs. Democrats: A Friendly Debate Between Parties

Sophia Ward

In a time where politics is dividing people rather than bringing them together, the next generation of leaders is taking steps toward unity and acceptance.

Hanover’s Young Democrats and Young Republicans came together for a discussion on February 8, 2018. The goal was to have a meaningful discussion on important issues and explain their positions without attacking the other side. The two clubs discussed relevant issues that are significant to students, such as the federal minimum wage, immigration, marijuana laws and gun control.

Senior Jenny Droujinsky attended the debate to hear her classmates’ views on current topics and to get the chance to share her views with them.

“I’m most passionate about maintaining and recognizing the rights of American citizens, and being good stewards of our blessings,” Droujinsky said.

Droujinsky realizes the importance of communicating with people on the other side to educate others and discover new points of view.

“We can hear what they have to say, but also remember to stand strong in our own beliefs,” Droujinsky said.

The two clubs debated on topics that they found important and significant to high school students. Some students had very personal reasons behind their opinions. Most topics had a very clear divide between the two clubs and their opinions, not including the legalization of marijuana which all students agreed on. The discussion remained peaceful and students were able to hear the other side without making attacks.

“I wanted to share my views on issues I am passionate about and that I think more people should be educated about,” said Senior and Young Democrats member India Cloe.

Cloe also sees how necessary it is to share our opinions with others and to gain understanding about why people think the way they do.

“We need to hear their side of the story and maybe we can teach each other something,” Cloe said.

Hanover’s Chad Taylor, more commonly known as Señor Taylor, moderated the discussion and provided factual information about the claims student’s were making. He was able to add insight to the conversation, while also allowing the students to lead.

Our younger generation was able to come together and learn something from each other, a clear step in the right direction toward cooperation

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