College football approaches its end

Caleb Collinson

The time has come, the college football playoffs are here.

The college football regular season is coming to an end and things are getting intense. The final rankings have came out and the possible champions are ready to leave it all on the line.

The 2017 defending national champions, the Clemson Tigers, have secured their place as the number one overall seed. They have an extremely talented team led by  an incredibly athletic quarterback, Kelly Bryant and a standout defense that is only allowing an average of 283 yards total of offense. Once again, they are the favorite to win it all behind the incredible coaching of Dabo Swinney.

The second seeded Sooners of Oklahoma come in as the most boisterous team of the four. They are an offensive minded team that consistently puts up big points. Oklahoma is led by their extremely flamboyant quarterback, Baker Mayfield, who is the 2017 Heisman Trophy winner, but has also got himself in some trouble this year by things he has done and said. If Oklahoma is going to win they are going to have to execute on offense the way they have all year to get past a tough Georgia defense in the first round.

Claiming the third seed is the rough and tough Georgia Bulldogs. They have been led by their fantastic running back, Nick Chubb, who has 13 touchdowns and 1,175 yards rushing on the season. Their key to winning will be keeping the ball on the ground and finding a way to slow down the high powered offense of Oklahoma.

The fourth and final seed this year has been given to the Alabama Crimson Tide, a team that is no stranger to the spotlight. They are led by their amazing defense that completely shuts teams down and kills their confidence. They will definitely be a big threat because of the overall experience of the Alabama program and head coach Nick Saban.    

“Oklahoma and their arrogance is going to win it all for them this year. Baker Mayfield is insane and has got his team so hype and confident that they will all play their hearts out.”  Junior Justin Bieger said.

After hearing what Justin said, Sophomore Greyson Rhodes responded with,

“No way Oklahoma wins it all. They are not as good of an overall team. Alabama is definitely going to win because of the greatest coach of all time, Nick Saban.”

Everyone has their own speculations and opinions of who is going to win it all, but the trophy will be lifted by only one team come January.

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