Is Hanover too cool for school spirit?

Elise Watkins

The roar of the crowd sent adrenaline through the team like wildfire, they were pumped to make the next play and could feel the support they had coming from the stands. 

Something that drove the team to do better, be more confident and play with pride was the huge support of the student body.

This aspect of school spirit stemming from the student body is something that Hanover is in desperate need of. Throughout the past several years, there has been a steady decline of school spirit across the board. One sport that  has been seriously impacted is Hanover’s football team. When some of the players were asked about this, they said they felt more “energized” and “motivated” when they saw that they had the encouragement of the student body. The school Athletic Director, Mr.Bollander, was also questioned about this topic and said;

“We are trying to give the students the opportunity to not only be a part of the game, but to enjoy themselves to the fullest. This is something that becomes exceedingly difficult to do  when there is less and less students getting involved, and I hope to see this change.”

As a way to start the new school year off right, there will be a mini-festival at Hanover before the Lee Davis vs. Hanover football game. All students, regardless of grade, are invited to come and enjoy a time filled with great food, . The administration hopes that this event will encourage school spirit and set the tone right for the rest of the year across all sports. A common misconception that is made against these types of events it that they are only for the “cool” or athletic kids of the school. However, that is definitely not the case. Every student is not only invited, but welcomed with open arms to make Hanover High School a place full of pride and spirit.

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