Friday night lights return to Hanover

Caleb Collinson

Tossing the old pigskin is back.

This year is a transition year for the Hanover football team. The team has an abundance of new players starting in unfamiliar positions. The majority of the team is made up of juniors and sophomores.There will be some bumps in the road but there is a whole lot of talent there as well. On the positive side, the team can only get better as the year goes along because they will learn every day. The future is bright for this young and talented team.

The team made some great additions this year to the roster. They added freshman running back Eric Rankin, who had an amazing career at Oak Knoll Middle School and has the potential to have an even better career at Hanover. The team also made an adjustment to start sophomore Cooper Mclaughlin at quarterback and move junior Tyler Elrod to wide receiver, in hopes to improve the passing game.

The hawks currently stand at 1-2 this season. They lost the first game to Monacan 14-26, but Monacan is one of the best teams in class 4. Keeping the game close and competitive was good for the young Hawks.

“We got off to a slow start, but fought back in the second half to make it a close competitive game, which is tough to do against a top team in the state” sophomore Adam Kelly said.

Week two was a little rough; The Hawks lost to Massaponax 14-51. Massaponax is a favorite to win class five states this year. But again, it’s all about gaining experience for the new guys, because the more experience they get, the better they will be.

The team can also learn a great deal from our fantastic coaching staff. The coaches have ran a very good program and have sent several players to college. Two their best seniors last year, Clayton Cheatham (James Madison University) and Ben Mahone (Hampton Sydney College), signed with two very successful programs. Hanover has a very good history when it comes to football. They have two players that are in the NFL. The most recent one, Sam Rogers, is currently a fullback for the Los Angeles Rams on the practice squad, and knowing how hard Sam works, he will definitely be on the 53 man roster soon. The other player they sent to the NFL not too long ago was Josh Wells. He played quarterback at Hanover, but is currently an offensive lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars and has been quite successful. In February of this year he resigned with the Jaguars and the future looks to be good. Hanover has shown they have the ability to send their players to the NFL and judging by some of the young talent, it looks like they could be sending some more not too long from now.  

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