Welcoming new additions to the hawk family

Michelle Christian

The librarians, the cafeteria workers, and the office personnel: you see them everyday, and yet, how well do you really know them?

Valerie Parker, a member of Hanover High’s cafeteria staff, has been working at Hanover High School since its’ opening in 2003. It was important for her to be at home with her children after school and during the summer. She loved the job so much that she stayed here at HHS even after her children had grown up. Parker loves working with the kids and her fellow staff.

Parker would like the students to know that the cafeteria staff is always there for them. “No matter what they need, whether it’s trouble with their lunch account balance or something with their life, we are always here to talk to them,” said Parker.

Another major member of our schools’ staff is Kim Weis. If you’ve ever wondered who to thank for ordering all of the great books, teaching you the proper techniques for bibliographies, and saving you at the last minute when you need to print out a report, thank our lovely librarians.

Weis has also been working at Hanover High School since its’ opening. After growing up in Hanover and being educated at VCU, Weis became a business teacher at Lee-Davis. After ten years of this, Weis used her love of reading to become a librarian just two years before HHS opened.  Weis loved the the idea of coming to a new school and creating an amazing library.

Weis said that she loves the variety of the job, as well as the students. “The students give back to you what you give to them,” Weis commented.

Weis loves that she gets to teach, promote the library program, work with  students, and be in what she considers the heart of the school, the library.

Judith Coughlin, another crucial member in our library department, is currently in her tenth year at HHS. Coughlin has been a librarian for thirty five years. Previously, she worked with Richmond Public Schools for twenty one years. Coughlin loves that Hanover High has a large library, as well as respectful students. Coughlin’s favorite part of her job is seeing all of the new books come in. She also enjoys seeing all of the faces that come into the library.

Coughlin and Weis would like to encourage students to participate in the new “Reading and Riding” feature in the library. The exercise bikes in the library can be used by students in ten or twenty minute intervals. After each ten or twenty minute interval, students must allow other students to have their turn. The bikes will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Students must inform the library aides before they begin to gain credit. The student that has read the most amount of minutes per quarter will win a $25 Visa gift card.

It’s important for students to read and increase their vocabulary. Students who read for an average of twenty minutes per school day are expected to have read 3,600 minutes per school year. This makes an astonishing 1,800,000 words read by the student at the end of the school year.

A bright and new face students may have seen in the front office is Michelle Baskerville. Having just started working at Hanover High this school year, she already loves it! Baskerville loves the students, her co-workers, and the fun atmosphere that HHS offers. She previously worked at Starbucks for seventeen years. She wanted a change in career that would offer her opportunities to spend time with her family, have a more consistent schedule, and work in a more relaxed environment.

“My job is fun because it includes being welcoming, knowledgeable, answering the phone, receiving and responding to Emails from parents, and supporting my fellow staff members,” Baskerville said.

Baskerville’s favorite part of her job is being able to smile, make other people smile, and talk to people without being rushed, as her previous job had done. One thing’s for sure, if you ever need something from the office or just a simple smile, Baskerville will certainly get the job done.


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