New academic learning center is making grades

Michelle Christian

The teachers have banded together and created a helpful center available to all students. Students can go get help with anything they need, anytime they need it. It’s available during the whole school day, so there is no need to stress about finding time to get help; simply go during your study hall.

This new addition to Hanover High School is the Academic Learning Center. The Academic Learning Center is located next to the library, in room 200, and it’s available to students primarily during flex or their study hall.

Students can get help with any topic, including reviewing what they’ve learned in class that day, assistance with homework and even pre-teaching upcoming units. SOL remediation is also available.

Tracey Milligan, one of the available teachers in the center, commented that, “Students can benefit from the Academic Learning Center because it increases their independence by having them sign-up for a spot in the mornings.”

Students also have independence while using computers. Some students who use read-aloud accommodations have complete control of the tool, being able to choose which questions get repeated, being able to fast forward, rewind, increase the volume and decrease the volume.

Available resources in the Academic Learning Center include various textbooks, dictionaries and access to computers. Students who wish to receive help should sign up in the Academic Learning Center, providing their name, teacher, and desired subject of focus.

The Career Center, as well as Karla Taylor, is available to students on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and alternating Fridays, with an advisor coming in to help students each Monday. It’s current location is in the 300’s pod.

Improvements to the career center include a new seating arrangement in the pod, an employment binder with a list of jobs available to students, and an updated website. Students wishing to consult with Taylor, the head of the career center, should sign up on the updated Career Center website, available through the Hanover High School homepage.

An available feature in the pod area is books for students to check out, including college information, preparation for upcoming SAT’s and getting financial assistance for attending the college of your choice.

A favorite feature of Taylor’s is the calendar of events tab. Students can sync this calendar with their own personal Google calendar, or even subscribe for notifications.

During November, which is career development month, Taylor will be meeting with classes to review the sixteen career clusters. Students will get the chance to take quizzes regarding their career interests, skills, and values.

Taylor would like to inform students that college visits are open to all students, however seniors will get priority if spaces become limited. Taylor encourages students from all grade levels to participate in the college visits. Students should not wait until their senior year to prepare for college, they should plan well before then.

It’s important for students to utilize the Career Center. “Whatever the students need, it’s here, they just need to take advantage of it,” Taylor said. Taylor is looking forward to seeing all of the new faces come to the career center.


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