Jonathan Falls


Trump stands with a member of Chinese Americans for Trump . Photo by MTC Campus

On June 16, 2015, business mogul Donald Trump officially declared his candidacy for the presidential nomination of
the Republican Party. On this
day in June, no one, with the
exception of Trump, could have
expected the successes that his
campaign has had so far.
Trump has caught the world’s
attention with his comments on
immigration, the Middle East,
foreign policy and many other
issues. At first no one could have
expected this brash businessman
to truly be a serious candidate
for the republican nomination.
But that was back in 2015. Now
in May of 2016, it looks almost
certain that Donald Trump will
be the republican nominee for
On May 3, Ted Cruz
officially announced the
withdrawal of his candidacy
for the Republican nomination.
The following day, Kasich also
announced his withdrawal.
Without Cruz and Kasich there
is no real competition to Donald
Cruz and Kasich’s withdrawals
came after humiliating losses in
the Indiana primary on May 3.
Trump took nearly 55 percent
of the vote, Cruz 37 percent and
Kasich took a mere 8 percent.
Trump left the state with all 57
Following these results, it
was nearly mathematically
impossible for Kasich and Cruz
to continue.
Even though the path to the
republican nomination is open
to Trump, he still has many
struggles to face. In order to
make his mark as a real obstacle
to whomever the democratic
nominee is, Trump must
try to unite the various key
individuals and factions of the
Republican Party.
Many influential Republican
Party members have voiced
their opposition to Donald
Trump. Even Speaker of the
House, Paul Ryan, has not
completely announced any
In addition to individuals,
many different factions of the
party have voiced their concerns
about Trump’s positions on
certain issues. Evangelical
groups have slammed Trump
over his support of abortion.
More libertarian and small
government factions have
raised their eyebrows about
Trump’s big corporation ideas
and ruthless business tactics.
When asked how Trump
can appeal to more voters,
HHS senior Sean Talbot said,
“Trump needs to relate more
to women.” Junior Jonathan
Waller agreed with Talbot and
also said, “Trump needs to stop
his rhetoric on immigrants and
Muslims if he wants to appeal to
more voters.”
World leaders have also
voiced their disagreement with
Donald Trump. German Vice
Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said
that Trump is “a threat to peace”
and to “economic development.”
MPs in the British House of
Commons have called Trump a
“hate preacher” in response to
his comments on Muslims.
Many experts have warned
that Trump will have to find
a better way to relate and
communicate with the US’s
allies if the US wants to continue
to benefit from Trans- Atlantic
trade and prosperity.

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