Graphic arts hosts presentational show

Jordan Clark


Madison Bowen displayed her artwork at the annual art show hosted in the entrance of Hanover High School. Photo by Madison Bowen

Paint, edit, sculpt. On May 19 from
4 p.m. to 6 p.m. HHS had held an
art show filled with many different
styles of art. Anywhere from photography,
graphic art or sculptures were
presented during the event.
“Having an art show at HHS each
allows for the students to show their
abilities because many of them are
really talented. Some of the people
in my graphic arts 2 class are actually
graphic 4, but we don’t have that
class available so they are put with
us. Mrs. Campbell gives really cool
projects out too,” senior Sophie Barrafato
The evening commenced with
various food items, such as cake,
cookies and chips. People walked
around the 300’s pod and front entrance
to view the many art styles
“My favorite piece of mine that
was displayed in the art show would
be my collage of the 1950’s period,”
senior Madison Bowen said.
Cindy McNamara, HHS Art teacher,
and Debbie Campbell, Photography
and Graphic Design teacher,
went around during the even to view
and judge the art. Deserving students
received fun ribbons at the end of the
event. They gave 1st and 2nd place
for art, graphic design and photography.
They also presented a few honorable
mentions to other pieces they
thought were impressive.
“My favorite piece that was in
the show would have to be my print
making project. It turned out really
well and I am very proud of that
piece,” sophomore India Cloe said.
Another special thing people got
to view at the show were the various
shows the seniors put together. Each
senior art student, no matter the level
of art, got to have up to two panels
of art work displayed in any way
they saw fit. Some students even collaborated
together on their display.
“I have done graphic arts for two
years now so I incorporated pieces
from graphic one and graphic two.
Sarah Bashaw and I have been in the
same class together for both years so
we shared panels and designed how
to display our pieces together,” Barrafato
The winners of the senior displays
were Maria Fuerte for 1st place,
Stella Harden for 2nd place and Cole
Payne for 3rd place.



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