Enjoying High School’s End

Kirby Lawrence

As the 2015-2016 year comes to a
close, many HHS seniors are frantically
packing and prepping for their
trips to beach week, or a much anticipated
trip to a new, exciting hotspot.
Deciding to stay closer to home,
Valerie Mitchell is going to spend her
time at Virginia Beach. “I am going
with Kayla Hunter, Amy Winger, Jordan
Clark, Sami Livingston, Keegan
Lege and Jake Thomas,” Mitchell said.
“I cannot wait to spend time with
them and hopefully get a tan! I think
that I will also gain some independence
from this trip that I can use in
college,” she said.
Joel West will be going to several
beaches and then a mission trip to
West Virginia.
“I’m going to Myrtle [Beach] for
Beach week with the guys, mainly
from football, which should be interesting.
Afterwards, I’ll go to Emerald
Isle with my family,” West said.
“In the fall, I’ll be going to Eastern
Kentucky University to study Fire
Protection and Administration. I am
looking forward to college. I would
leave today if I could,” West says.
Amber Swindells is going to Nags
Head the morning after graduation
with a group of friends. “We decided
to not go to Cherry Grove because we
got a better deal on the house we are
staying in. I did a ‘prep’ beach week
last year with the girls only, so I’m
excited spend time with them and a
few of our guy friends, making memories
and all that,” Swindells says. But
that week-long vacation doesn’t end
there. “The girls and I are going to the
beach for a week just us,” she said.
Others prefer more fresh or uncommon
Rebekah Luck is going to South
Dakota by car to visit her father.
“Although it is a long drive of about
twenty six hours, I’m looking forward
to spending time with my dad and my
close friends. We are going to go ‘adventuring’
a lot. Plus, we will stop in
Nashville on the way and maybe look
around there,” Luck says.
Some HHS seniors have decided
to embark on a trip outside the continental
United States.
Erica Essigman is going to Canada.
“I have no idea why [my family is]
going other than the fact that my dad
wanted to go there. I’ve never been to
Canada before. We are going to drive,
and I don’t want to think about how
long it will take to get there,” she said.
“I am looking forward to picking my
sister up in New York. But, I’m sure
that we will fight about stupid stuff
along the way.” Essigman said.
Kaylee England will be taking a
trip via airplane and then a cruise ship
to Haiti, Cozumel and Jamaica with
her mother.
“We will be gone for about a week.
I’ve never been out of the country before,
so I’m looking forward to seeing
new things,” England said.
Casey Scanlan is leaving with her
family for St. Vincent and the Grenadines
in the Caribbean. “I can’t wait
to get a sick tan and explore the island!
They filmed the Pirates of the
Caribbean there, which is super cool,”
Scanlan said. “I think I’ll learn more
about what it’s like outside of the
USA because I’ve only been out of the
country once before,” she said.
No matter where HHS seniors
decide to travel over their summer
break, there are new adventures to be
taken and obstacles to be overcome.


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