Caroline Tucker


The entire cast of ‘42nd Street’ strikes silly poses on their set piece for the song ‘Lullaby of Broadway’ during a rehearsal. Photo by Elise Boyd

Get out your tap shoes and come
down to a musically historic street
in everyone’s favorite city. “42nd
Street” came to Hanover’s stage from
May 19 to 21 for a spectacular show
of tap dancing feet and drama happening
on and off the stage.
“42nd Street” tells the story of
a young girl named Peggy Sawyer
who has moved to New York City in
hopes of making it big in the world
of theater. The show takes place during
the Great Depression, thus every
character’s dream is to get a job. Sawyer,
and a whole cast of characters,
make their way through producing a
new show, “Pretty Lady,” while dealing
with the drama happening backstage
as well.
While participating in a play, the
students grow closer, becoming a
sort of dysfunctional family, like any
arts program does.
“It’s really fun and I like that
we’ve become a family and we have a
relationship,” freshman Jada Fowler
While some students are seasoned
performers, for others, it is their first
show. Performing in front of friends,
family and strangers can be exciting
and also nerve-racking. But for
students with performing in their
blood, this show should’ve been another
notch on their belt. Except for
the fact that this time students had
to learn to tap dance, something not
commonly taught when producing a
high school play.
“I was kind of worried coming
into this show because we had to tap
dance which is something we had
never done before,” Fowler said.
Between dancing, acting and singing,
these students have to be able to
do them all.
“I like acting the most because I
feel like you’re able to do more than
when you’re singing or dancing,”
Fowler said.
With all the months of practice
and countless hours spent to perfect
every dance move, there comes and
sense of pride when completing a
“I feel like everything we’ve done
has been worth it. It’s a lot of work,
but I love it,” junior Rylee Evans said.
Though this is some freshman’s
first time in the spotlight, it is also
the seniors’ final bow.
“I was a little disappointed to be
cast in ensemble for my final show,”
Knabenshue said, “I wasn’t a lead,
but I did have a part, I had a character
with a name. And honestly, I
was talking to my parents and telling
them how happy I was to be in
the show. I got to tap dance which
was something I’ve never explored
before. I’ve done acting and singing,
but not really dancing, so that was a
lot of fun. It’s what made me love the


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