We now allow bikes in school

Kali Wright

Students may have noticed
something a little unusual about
Hanover High School’s library
upon returning to school. When
you hear of a school receiving
new exercise equipment, you
would expect it to appear in the
gym. However, that isn’t the case
for HHS.
On March 25, 2016, the Friday
before spring break started for
Hanover students, Jim Massey
helped to set up two new exercise
bikes in the school library. The
exercise bikes were donated
by the Parent Teacher Student
Association, more commonly
known by their acronym PTSA.
“We’re hoping that the
students will read while they
exercise. We specifically chose
that style of bike in which the
students can sit back and pedal
and read a magazine or a book,”
Kim Weis, HHS librarian, said.
The exercise bikes were
donated in April, which is
National Library Month. More
specifically, April 10 through the
16 is National Library Week. The
theme of the week is “Libraries
Transform”, in honor of the bike
additions to the library. The
PTSA hopes for students and staff
to “transform” while they read.
“Hopefully this will help with
silent reading. Not every student
wants to sit down and read a 250
page book, but they might have
time for twenty minutes out
of the day to sit down and read
a magazine. As long as they’re
reading, we’re going to try it.
That’s what we’re really trying to
promote,” Weis said.
Studies show that being active
while reading increases mental
capability and helps people
process information correctly.
Even PBS and Cartoon Network
have targeted this by releasing
commercial urging kids to be
more active because this will
help increase the capacity of
information a brain can hold.
The bikes in the library are a
step that shows Hanover targeting
both trying to stay fit and learning
at the same time.


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