Hayley Parrish

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From left to right. The Byrd Theatre and Movieland Theatre. Photo by Séarlait Coffey

Hollywood is rolling out summer
blockbusters but the tried and true
Virginia Center Commons Regal
Theater is a bust. Where will you
go now? What other theaters exist?
Well, have no fear, the hawk eye’s
entertainment section is here to
review all theaters in the immediate
Science Museum’s IMAX: Can’t
go scuba diving? Now your eyes
can at the science museum. With
their specialty designed reflective
screens and science themed movies
along with the kid friendly
blockbusters or after dark showing
of more mature classics such as
2001 A Space Odyssey, the IMAX
Theater is totally awesome. Not
the best for your everyday theater
unless you really like documentaries
about nature or space. However
if you’ve never been, definitely
spend the day exploring the exhibits
and then retire to the theater
for a space movie, it’s well worth
The Goochland Drive In: Feeling
like your regular movie experience
is getting a little drab and
you have a really comfortable
car? The Goochland Drive in is tons
of fun. The tickets are a bit cheaper
than the regular theaters and the
snack are super cheap. Things on
the main menu range from .25 cents
to $3.50 and they also have a gluten
free menu. Also, dog friendly (as
long as your dog doesn’t like bark
during movies). The owners and staff
are super nice. Plus sometimes they
have double features! Zootopia and
The Jungle Book here I come!
The Byrd: Ah, a Richmond favorite.
Super cheap tickets, cheap
snacks, super uncomfortable seats
and couple month old movies but it’s
awesome. Maybe bring a pillow for
the seat but if you sneak in your own
snacks from your house, the least
amount you can pay is $2. That’s
the kind of budget for activities that
I’m working with. There’s one big
theater but it has a balcony and the
décor is ornate. On Saturdays a man
arises from the stage and plays the
piano. Overall it’s a good time. But
for popular movies, show up early,
the line can get sort of long.
Bowtie’s B-movie theater: Often
we forget that there’s more to movies
than just the big brand name companies.
Most movie theaters only give
us the Walmart or Target selection
of films to watch. Well get ready for
the Whole Foods of movie theaters,
it’s bowties creation cinemas. Located
in the parking lot of the renovated
train station that is movieland is
where the criterion theater resides.
Criterion is defined as “a principle or
standard by which something may
be judged or decided”. Ooh burn
other movie theaters. The theaters
are small, the smallest being Theater
One which has less than 20 seats, the
biggest being Theater Four which
has about 50. Unlike other theaters
the seats are leather and recline a
little, there is also no long rows of
stairs, all the seats are on the floor
like those first rows of seats that no
one ever sits in in the front of most
theaters. It’s a little weird at first
but it doesn’t take a long time to
adjust to. Along with independent
movies, the criterion also features
foreign films. Since the theater can
only show four movies at a time, the
showings change frequently. It also
includes its own snack bar, ticket
counter, and restrooms. The only
thing it doesn’t have that the main
building does it a bar.
Bowtie Movieland: This theater
came to town about 10 years
ago. Most of the company’s locations
reside in northern states.
They’re are not nearly as big as
AMC or Regal Theaters but they
still use Fandango so they’re still
convenient enough to be able
to buy their tickets from an app.
Since it is a smaller company the
theaters are a bit nicer than your
average big box theater, the tickets
are also slightly cheaper. Also, he
seats aren’t leather like the criterion.
Originally the building that
it is inside of was a train station
and they took the exposed brick
and train parts to their advantage
in the decor. You can expect the
same movies and snack option as
any other theater like a Regal or
an AMC. However after 9:00 p.m.,
there is a curfew for anyone under
the age of 17. Sorry, underclassmen.
Movieland also hosts some
movie watching events such as insomnia
theater which features popular
cult-classics like Donnie Darko
and Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Also there is Movies and Mimosas in
case you want to hang out with your
grandmother. My one critique, Movieland,
your website is kind of really
ugly and no exceptionally mobile
friendly. Get on that, web designers.


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