The joke’s on you, people of America

Mikayla Mason

April Fool’s day is the day that
the nation comes together and
pranks each other. What an idea-
that unity can be achieved over
laughs and trickery.
This day full of giggles and suc-
cessful tom foolery is the
same day that many are
tricked in to looking sil-
ly or being injured in the
Pranking is a delicate skill
as the pranker needs to be able
know how far is too far. It demands
a constant balance between being
punked in a fun manner and toe-
ing the line between insulting and
funny. However, some do not think
that feelings should be considered.
After all, feelings are for the weak.
Becca Russo knew of friend
who tricked their peers into
thinking that their house
for vacation this summer
was booked on the wrong
date. Panicked ensued and
the pranker let his friends
stew in their despair and
oblivion. Luckily when the
truth came out after the panic his
friends were not upset about it and
thought the joke was hilarious.
In this case the prank was a suc-
cess due to the gullibliness of the
prankers friends and their ability
to laugh off the joke. However some
are not that lucky and it is difficult
to get to this level of expertise.
Being the best punker is some-
thing that many strive for, including
blank. Blank is hopeful every year
to be crowned the best April fool’s
pranker and know that they truly
fooled someone. There is a divide
among prankers about what type of
prank is the best. Some feel that
pranks such as using a whoopee cushion
or making someone scream, things that
are more physical and get the best
reaction qualify as the best
prank. Others feel that more psycho-
logical or mind muddling tricks are
far superior due to the complexity
and intensity that they require.
Others feel frustrated on April
Fool’s day because no one believes
them even when they are being gen-
uine. This leads many to not like the
holiday because they are constantly
reassuring people that they are seri-
ous and struggling to convince peo-
ple. For example, this year while at
a tournament the Hanover baseball team
was subject to the suspicion that accompanies
April 1. “I immediately just thought it was
an April Fool’s joke,” Antonio Balducci said.
Even after this holiday has passed many con-
tinue to prank their friends and family,
often posting the hilarious results on
snap chat, vine or youtube for all to en-
joy. They believe that all deserve
to witness the emembarrassment and that
the victim’s humiliation.
It’s up to you to be the prankee
or the pranker, so you better watch
your back.


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