Supermarket feud coming to an end

Madison Lee

The divide as old as Montague
and Capulet may be soon coming
to an end as a result of a pending
merge between the rival grocery
provider of Food Lion and Mar-
The parent company of Food
Lion, Delhaize Group, and Royal
Ahold NV, which owns Martins,
Giant Food and Stop & Shop, plans
to merge by next year. After the
consolidation of the two the offi-
cial company name will be Ahold
Delhaize, the equivalent of a high
school ship name. This will give
the company an opportunity to
serve more than 50 million cus-
tomers a week with over 6,500
Both companies have been ap-
proved by their shareholders,
however, the companies must still
make it through the gates of the
federal regulation which may pose
a threat to their potential merger.
In Richmond there is a signifi-
cant number of both Martins and
Food Lions. Both of these compa-
nies account for a large portion of
the market share with Martins as
the number one grocer in Rich-
mond, possessing about 15 percent
of the market and Food Lion being
third with about 14 percent. This
merger would allow the one com-
pany to own a large portion of the
market. While there is no other
areas in the nation that poses this
threat to the company’s merger
other than Richmond, the one city
could be detrimental to the pro-
posed plan.
“I disagree with the decision
because Martins and Food Lion
have always been two seperate
things and they already changed
Ukrops to Martins and now that
they’re mergin Food Lion’s prices
will propably be higher,” senior
Nikki Gooding said.
To avoid being blocked by fed-
eral regulation Martins may be
selling many of their Richmond
location. Currently they are plan-
ning to close at least three stores
in Petersburg, Mechanicsville and
Richmond. These closures will in-
clude the Martins located on Bell
Creek Road as well as on Stony
Point Road in Richmond. In ad-
dition, the Martins chain may also
be selling at least nineteen more
stores within Virginia and eighty
three in total across the nation, in
order to abide by government reg-
ulations, which is currently under
review by the Federal Trade Com-
Belgium regulations may also
pose a threat to the potential
merger to which the companies
will have to respond to by selling
several overlapping locations. It
is predicted that Kroger Co. and
Publix Super Market chain will be
the primary buyers.
Martins assured the 357 em-
ployees that will be affected by
these closures that they will be
given assistance by allowing them
to apply for jobs at near by Mar-
tins locations as well as providing
them with “transition support”
and “separation benefits”.
In 2010 the Ukrop’s Super Mar-
ket chain was sold to Martin’s.
After the sale Ukrop’s Homestyle
Foods was opened. The new busi-
ness now provides products such
as baked goods to local supermar-
kets. Bobby Ukrop, CEO of the
family business, stated that busi-
ness with proceed as usual.
“We will continue to encourage
and work with area grocery stores
and any retailers that may be com-
ing to the Greater Richmond Re-
gion in the future, to carry the
great-tasting baked goods, entrees,
sides, and salads that Richmonders
have come to expect and enjoy for
more than 40 years.

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