Governor vetoes controversial bill

Madison Lee

The education of every stu-
dent in Virginia hung in the
balance, leaving one man the
power to potentially change
the course of education in Virginia.
On April 4 Virginia Governor, Terry
McAuliffe, officially vetoed House
Bill 516 which would have required
teachers to notify parents of the
use of “sexually explicit” materials.
If any parent were to take issue
with the material the teacher would
have had to create an alternative
assignment for that student.
“This legislation lacks flexibility
and would require the label of
‘sexually explicit’ to apply to an
artistic work based on a single scene,
without further context,” McAuliffe
wrote in his veto statement, explaining
why the bill would negatively impact
Virginia schools.
The bill was presented after a parent
of a high school senior from Fairfax
County made a complaint regarding the
use of the Pulitzer Prize winning book,
Beloved by Toni Morrison. The
novel describes the story of a mother’s
life in slavery and the hard choices
she must make in response to the
cruelty of the plantation owner.


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