Rahul Zota


Junior Angel Hernandez dressed as President Ronald Reagan and greeted museum-goers with famous Ronald Reagan quotes for his museum exhibit. Photo by Rutva Shah

Just like in “Night in the Museum”,
on April 5, museum exhibits actually
came to life at HHS. History teacher
Brian Letourneau’s annual museum
night brought history to life, literally.
This year at museum night the
exhibit on the American and Middle
East interactions from 1943-1994 fea-
tured a living, breathing Ronald Rea-
“Our project heavily involved one
of my personal heroes, Ronald Rea-
gan, I was truly honored to have the
opportunity to dress up and act as one
of my personal heroes, not only did
I order a mask off of amazon, I also
memorized some of his most thought
provoking and charismatic quotes,”
junior Angel Hernandez said. This
gave the audience the option to talk to
the President and ask him questions.
Another museum exhibit displayed
two students dressed up as women
from the suffrage era.
“Our project was basically centered
on the era in which women were not
given proper rights and the approach
we took was to demonstrate how
wrong the treating of women were
during that time period, most people
look over how women were treated
and just blame the time period,” ju-
nior Beckas Russo said.
“My idea was to stop them think-
ing about time period and get them to
start genuinely to see how the wom-
en would have felt in those periods,”
Russo said. Dressing up as women
from the era allowed museum-goers
to immerse themselves into the dis-
crimination women felt.
The exhibit on the Vietnam War
and the New Deal spotlighted a pro-
testor passionately objecting the Viet-
nam War. “I am personally a pacifist
and anything that has to do with war
or death or any of that stuff, person-
ally disgusts me. I think the Vietnam
was a waste of time and we lost lives
that honestly shouldn’t have fighting
there in the first place and this really
makes me angry,” junior Jacob Kegel
“During my exhibit I made sure to
bring that passion, the passion that I
genuinely feel to life,” Kegel said.
The exhibit on Alexander Hamil-
ton did more than the expected re-
quirements with its various unique
aspects. For example, the group had
videos, an interactive pamphlet that
conveyed arguably one of Hamilton’s
most memorable achievements. There
was also a map, this map conveyed all
of Hamilton’s adventures throughout
his life.
Junior Stephanie Baylor, one of
the creative minds behind the Ham-
ilton exhibit, demonstrated not only
a fondness for Hamilton, but a deep
love for him. “This project was a great
opportunity for me, Hamilton is not
just one of my personal heroes, he is
my life. I even told my history teach-
er, Mr. Letourneau, I wish Hamilton
was my father, I worship everything
he does, he is my deity,” junior Steph-
anie Baylor said.
The Space Race exhibit went to in-
finity and beyond. This gave the audi-
ence the opportunity to interact with
an astronaut.
Junior Caroline Hastings, dressed
as an as astronaut, had immense
knowledge on the subject of space and
the technology the USSR and the US
had acquired during the time.
“The Space Race was ultimately a
waste of money for both the United
States of America and the Soviet
Union, but ultimately it let to the
downfall of the USSR and the end to
the Cold War,” Hastings said, “I was
so excited to have the opportunity
to act and live as Neil Armstrong be-
cause he honestly changed the world
but let me tell you, it was super-hot in
that astronaut suit.”
Junior Jordan Rock believed the
museum night had a great impact on
his highschool experience “The night
without a doubt helped my speaking
skills, the best part was when I was
explaining my exhibit and accidently
burped,” Rock said.


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