Annual Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k

Kirby Lawrence


Encouraged to dress in costume, a participant impersonated Uncle Sam during the Ukrops Monument Avenue 10k on April 9. Photo by Richmond Times Dispatch

Feeling exhausted after a short
walk up the stairs? Try running
6.21 miles. That is exactly what
a handful of Hanover students and
faculty ac- complished on April 9
when they ran the Ukrop’s Monument
Avenue 10K in Richmond. 23,
153 runners and walkers, along with
countless specta- tors, came out to
show their support for the charity.
People came from all over the state
to demonstrate their abilities and
test their endurance.
The runners began with a blessing
at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
at 7:30 a.m. Thirty minutes later,
the Virginia 529 Kids Run began.
Shortly after was the first wave
of runners, then the next,
and the next and the next. Runners
were placed in waves with others of
similar speed, which runners
indicated on their registration
forms prior to the event.
The awards ceremony took place at
10 a.m., with Silas Frantz, a local from
Richmond, VA, finishing with a time
of 30:46 for the males. Frantz ran an
impressive time of approximately 4:57
per mile. As for the females, Nicol
Traynor from Hoboken, NJ, finished
the 10K with a time of 34:01, running
about 5:28 per mile.
Although this was a race, the 10K
is meant to accommodate individu-
als of all speeds, including walkers
and those who are wheelchair bound.
Many HHS students participated
in this event, including sophomore
Star Das. She finished with a time of
2:14:31, running a respectable time of
12:28 per mile.
No race would be complete with-
out volunteers and a charity to sup-
port it. The VCU Massey Cancer
Center is the official charitable fund-
raising partner of the Ukrop’s Monu-
ment Avenue 10K. The VCU Massey
Cancer Center focuses on the impor-
tance of a healthy lifestyle, including
being active as means to help prevent
some types of cancer. All of the mon-
ey raised went straight to Massey, fur-
ther allowing research to extend and
save lives.
There were many volunteers from
all over, eagerly helping the race run
smoothly. The HHS Beta club par-
ticipated, working at the Mile 4 wa-
ter stop. Volunteers were responsible
for everything, including putting up
and taking down banners, handing
out water to the racers and shouting
words of encouragement to all of the
10K’s participants.
Junior Lani Lestourgeon volun-
teered with BETA. “We passed out
water cups to runners. It was snow-
ing, very intense. The runners stopped
moving at one point, so we were
shouting at them to continue moving.
We also had the military standing be-
side us, which was an experience. The
guy in charge was very strict [about
the placement of the cups] and made
sure they had to be in a straight line,”
Lestourgeon said.
It was her first year participat-
ing in the event, but she said it was
worthwhile, especially with the crazy
costumes. “I saw a wide variety of
costumes, the best was a man dressed
[presumably] as Uncle Sam,” she said.
Although the event was only a few
hours, the festivities in Richmond
were not over. Around 1:30 p.m.,
Home Run Weekend commenced in
full swing. There was a pre-game on-
field parade for 10K and Kids Run fin-
ishers. Afterwards, there was a dou-
bleheader featuring Richmond Flying
Squirrels versus Hartford Yard Goats
at the Diamond.
Although the weather was less than
desirable, it was a fun and healthy
way to raise money for the charity,
spend time with family and encourage
the importance of a healthy lifestyle.



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