Best places to go for food and clothes

Caroline Tucker


Galaxy Diner in Richmond ‘s Carytown. Photo by Searlait Coffey

When June rolls around, students
are thinking of one important thing.
Prom. The very exclusive dance for
only juniors and seniors.
Many different aspects go into making
and enjoying prom. For girls, it’s the
dresses and if you have a date or group,
then it can be the dining experience.
Now usually prom dresses cost $100 and
can even go up to $400 or more. That’s
a lot of money for one night, even if
it is an important one. But lucky for
you, there are other options than spending
a part of your college fund to pay for a
dress that you’ll wear once.
“My dress costs $78 and I found it
at Bygones in Carytown,” senior Han-
nah Sayles said. “I was walking around
Carytown one day and saw a cute dress
in the window, so I just walked in.”
While Sayles found hers in passing
by a shop, Abby Cosgrove, another se-
nior, already knew the store where she
purchased her own gown.
“I found my dress at Ross, a store in
Virginia Center Commons, and it was
$35,” Cosgrove said.
Though some girls may believe that
a cheap dress means cheaper quality,
both Sayles and Cosgrove believe that
price doesn’t determine craftsmanship.
“I believe that not every dress you
buy has to be super expensive. Espe-
cially for prom. I believe that my dress
is very well made for how much it was
and fits me and my personally very
well,” Cosgrove said.
Another important part about dress
shopping, it’s not just about the mon-
ey. How you feel in the dress is the
most important part to this long and
complicated process, you have to love
what you wear.
“I love my dress so much, it fits me
and who I am amazingly,” Cosgrove
These students do not feel the need
to spend a large portion of their sav-
ings on the dress that they will wear
one time. Some are fortunate enough
to have parents pay for their dress and
accesories, but others compensate for
the dig in their waller by selling their
used dresss the following year.
Apart from finding the perfect
dress, dinner is an important part of
the evening. The average cost per cou-
ple is $75 for dinner. If you’re going as
a couple, that’s $75 out of your pock-
ets, ladies and/or gentlemen, and if you
and you’re friends are going as a group
that could be double, triple or even
quadruple times the original amount.
Instead of going to McDonald’s to save
yourself from paying $75 for a meal,
there are other enjoyable options to
have dinner at.
“I went to the Galaxy Diner for
dinner [last year]. The total cost was
around $25. I had a hamburger and
Kirby, my girlfriend, got Mac and
Cheese. It was really good,” senior
Reggie Mouton said.
Finding alternatives to expensive
restuarants can prove to be a struggle
especially when there are tasty options
such as Boathouse or Roda’s available.
But really if you are with a great group
or date it does not matter where you
are dining, as long as the company is
So you don’t have to dump out all
of your college savings for one night
of fun and glamour. There are many
options for cheaper dresses and food
choices that don’t break the bank.
You’re welcome.


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