Spring into college visits

Rahul Zota

With springtime comes the
time for the rising seniors to look
and explore their future college
opportunities, not only is spring
break a great time to go and visit
future college campuses, it is also
a good time to get a feel for your
future home.
“This spring break, my only
plans are to visit colleges. I
am going to the University of
Virginia, University of West
Virginia, University of Richmond
and Washington and Lee
University. I have already visited
a lot of colleges, but I am hoping
that after this spring break I can
finally get to a decision of where
I wanna go,” junior Ben Mahone
said. Mahone is a lost junior right
now; he has no idea where he
would like to study business and
he is hoping that after he visits all
of his potential colleges.
“I will be visiting Virginia Tech
and The University of Virginia
this spring break, hoping that I
can find out where I wanna go
and like spend the next four years
of my life, both of these colleges
are good for my major but I just
need to get a feel for which of
the campuses I like more,” junior
Alan Meade said. Meade wants
to major in business, and the
difference between their business
school rankings is minimal, so the
campus life will be the deciding
factor for him.
“Virginia Tech and Clemson
are my top two choices right now
and I cannot decide which one I
would rather go to. During spring
break I will be visiting both of
them and I am hoping I will find
out which college has a better
atmosphere for me, personally,”
junior Andrew Moore said. Moore
wants to major in engineering
and Clemson and VT both have
great engineering programs and
for Moore the deciding factor for
where he is going to attend college
will be the campus life.
Not only are these juniors trying
to figure out which colleges they
will attend, they are also going to
have a great time exploring and
experiencing new environments.

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