Celebrtity mix tapes are here to stay

Searlait Coffey

Ever wondered what Brie Larson
likes to listens to in her free time?
Thanks to Apple Music, everyone can
now enjoy the oscar winner’s personalized
Apple Music made its popular debut
in September of 2015. Unlimited
access to any song, album and artist
the heart desires to hear, all for the
price of $9.99. Apple Music has specialized
in catering to its members’
taste in music. The platform recognizes
what music you listen to most frequently,
as well as based off of your library,
and suggests certain artists and
playlists based off of them. “Breezy
Pool Party,” “Shut Up and Dance” and
“Pop for Non-Pop Fans” are just a few
of these iTunes made playlists.
More recently, the program has
released “Brie Larson’s Indie Spirit,” a
collection of the actress’ favorite Indie
songs. The playlist is composed of
15 songs and 15 different artists. With
one song, “Bizness” by Tune-Yards
ranging as far back as 2011.
From start to finish, the compilation
had an enjoyable buzz of electronic
synth mixed with rough voices
that ended softly. Tame Impala’s
“New Person” has an almost hypnotic
looping background that is extremely
hard to grow tired of. “Down Side of
Me” by CHVRCHES has a repetitive
quality to its sound and lyrics, but
similarly to “New Person,” it does not
grow old. Singer, Lauren Mayberry,
has an appeasing voice that edges the
line of a Taylor Swift-esque sound.
The areas where the playlist falls
short rest on Lavender Diamond’s
“Forgive,” William Onyeabor’s “Love
is Blind” and “Gold Coast Sinkin’”
by Blake Mills. Diamond’s voice has
a prettiness to it, but the achy and
whiney after effects ruin the song.
“Love is Blind” sounds like a Ponglike
videogame soundtrack caught on
stage at a folk concert. The reasons for
including “Gold Coast Sinkin’” with
the rest of the selected songs is unbeknownst.
While the guitar work is
nice, the lyrics are unintelligible and
the voice extremely dull.
Other highlights of the mix are
“Cooler” by PHASES. The upbeat tune
meshes extremely well with both lyrics
and voice of Z Berg. HANNA’s
“Avalanche” is extremely appealing
to fans of the slower electronic beats.
Hannah Diamond’s hit single, “Hi,”
tells a familiar story that can be nice
to hear if listeners are going through
similar situations. “Track03” by Alex
Greenwald had a particular indie vibe
to it that most of the songs did not
contain. “Multi-Love” by Unknown
Mortal Orchestra was a solid choice
for the first song listeners hear. The
minute long build was enjoyable and
allowed listeners to become attuned
to the common vibes of the playlist.
Apple Music is here to stay, which
hopefully means that the incorporation
of other celebrities, actors and
other various artists personal music
tastes is too.


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