A whole new Mr. HHS winner

Brittney Nadeau


Seniors Ryan Dore and Thomas McAndrew perform their skit. Photo by Reese Sayles

Lightsabers, tutus and Disney princesses
were just a few of the things
present at Mr. HHS on Friday March
4, 2016, in the Hanover auditorium.
Mr. HHS is a pageant held annually
for male students who attend Hanover
High. They start out with an opening
act as a group and then do their own
individual talent acts. There is also a
formal portion of the show where the
guys dress up and answer questions
like they would in a real pageant.
The contestants were senior Hunter
Bellows, senior Cole Hodges, senior
TJ Allen, senior Aaron Gallagher, senior
Jacob Wright, senior Tyler Flora,
senior Tanner Lacey, senior RJ Garza,
senior Cole Bordonie, senior Thomas
McAndrew, senior Ryan Dore and
senior Joe Fishpaw. The judges for
the evening were English teacher
Lisa Martin, Attendance Secretary
Augusta Kennedy, history teacher
Bill Wheaton, English teacher Emily
Fleisher, and math teacher Allison
League with Spanish teacher Chad
Taylor as the M.C.
They represented clubs and sports
such as Theatre, Lacrosse and Golf.
“I thought I could contribute to the
senior class and be funny and just entertain
the school.” Garza said.
Each contestant chose a talent to
perform. Some even paired up for
funny skits. The performances ranged
from impersonations to ribbon dancing.
“My talent was my impersonation
of Donald Trump and I had Joe Fishpaw
help me. He was the commentator
guy. I chose it because I’m really
good at impersonations and I thought
it’d be really funny because I’m Mexican
and he’s made jokes about Mexicans,”
Garza said.
The popular act of the night was
the Aladdin skit, where Ryan Dore
dressed up as Aladdin and Thomas
McAndrew dressed up as Jasmine, and
they both rode hover boards while reenacting
“A Whole New World” from
the movie.
“I loved dressing up and riding
around on the hover board, making
people laugh. It’s a classic movie and
it’s a good, meaningful song,” Dore
Dore was not the only student to
find enjoyment out of his reenactment
of “A Whole New World.” Many people
in the crowd were laughing.
“We were laughing nonstop the
entire time,” senior Morgan Cole said
about the crowd.
Mr. HHS was put together with
lots of help from the junior class officers.
“I choreographed the fight scene
and helped plan it and organize what
was going to happen and everything
that was going on. I also had other
officers that helped me with it who
were Naisergi Shah, Nicole Bradford,
Caroline Drumheller, Nicole Bradford
and Maddie Gordon,” junior
Demi Friend said.
After days of rehearsal, they were
ready to put on a fantastic show.
“Rehearsals were kind of chaotic at
first because we got noodles to practice
the opening fight scene with and
we fooled around a lot, but then we
got our act together the next day and
it got better from there on. The show
really came together,” Garza said.
The contestants were hilarious and
their acts were on point, but there
could only be one winner. After a
Steve Harvey joke from the MC, Taylor,
some of the audience and contestants
were confused because he
announced that Tyler Flora was the
winner. After he cleared up that he
was joking and Flora was actually the
runner up, he announced that Ryan
Dore is Mr. HHS 2016.
“Being Mr. HHS feels pretty cool I
didn’t think I was going to win,” Dore
“I really liked the person they
chose who won because Ryan did a
really good job and he was committed
to it and he was really funny and his
act was funny,” Friend said.


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