Teacher recognized for exemplary teaching

Callie Robinson


Letourneau and principal Kristina Reece converse before school. Photo by Reese Sayles

No matter what friends you have
as classmates, or how interesting
the subject is, a class cannot be
remarkable without an incredible
teacher. One such teacher is Brian
After moving to Virginia to attend
the University of Richmond, Letourneau
was offered a job in Hanover County
and decided to stick around for a
while. After teaching two years at
Stonewall Jackson middle school,
he found a home teaching various history
classes at HHS. Letourneau was
attracted to the idea of teaching
here because he was impressed by
the passionate teachers, students, coaches,
parents and everyone involved in the
“I enjoy teaching history because
U.S. history is already a great story,
but everyone can add their own per-
sonal interpretations and diverse set of
opinions to make it even more fun,”
Letourneau said. “As a teacher, I love
to be able to do less talking and more
listening as my students develop their
own views and theories.”
Not only is Letourneau a dedicated
teacher, but he has been very involved
in HHS activities over the years, in-
cluding coaching various sports, work-
ing with the honor council, organizing
the Veterans Day assembly and being
a part of FCA, to name a few activities.
One of Letourneau’s favorite mem-
ories was being stranded at school
during tropical storm Gaston in 2004
and staying past midnight working
with his colleagues to squeegee the in-
flux of water out of the gym.
Not only does he enjoy spending
time with his fellow teachers, but he
loves working with his students.
“I want them [my students] to have
a better understanding of our nation’s
past and to be comfortable talking
about its history. I try to help them
be engaged in the social sciences and
I want them to be active and informed
citizens when they leave Hanover,”
Letourneau said about the impact he
hopes to have on his students.
Letourneau certainly has left an
impact on his students and is a name
many students mention as a teacher
they found to be invaluable to their
“I like him because he understands
when students are having a bad day,”
junior Scott Strobel says. “I enjoy the
way he uses articles and sources for
Agreeing with Strobel, junior Em-
ily Goddin finds Letourneau’s teach-
ing style to be beneficial to her as a
“AP U.S. History is really difficult,
but he makes it fun and we learn by
reading cool documents and watch-
ing videos,” Goddin says. “Letourneau
makes the class really interactive be-
tween the students and himself.”
Letourneau’s APUSH class is all
centered around the AP exam and he
is known to do an excellent job pre-
paring his students for their big day of
“He’s a great teacher because he
keeps his class engaging and prepares
you well for not only his tests, but the
AP exam,” junior Stephanie Baylor
says. “I wish Mr. Letourneau was my
dad because he gives off such a cool
dad vibe too.”
Letourneau has had a strong impact
on his IB history students as well, as
not only a teacher but an advisor.
“Mr. Letourneau was my extend-
ed essay supervisor and he basically
helped me get my life together when I
was really behind schedule writing it,”
senior Maggie Delaney said. “Normal-
ly I don’t like lectures, but he makes
his really easy to understand and in-
teresting. Overall, Letourneau is the
When he’s not teaching his stu-
dents, Letourneau loves to spend time
with his sons and wife. He enjoys
playing soccer with them, going to the
baseball diamond, reading or taking a
trip to Chick-fil-A.
An incredibly respected and appre-
ciated teacher, Letourneau has already
left a mark on HHS and 13 years of its
“All I’m going to say is that he’s
that one teacher I really want to invite
to my wedding,” stated junior Naisergi
Shah, simply putting into words the
thoughts of so many of Letourneau’s


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