March Madness reigns supreme

Cole Carlisle

The Super Bowl, World Cup, Kentucky
Derby, Stanley Cup Finals,
World Series and BCS National Championship
all would like to be the best
event in sports. That title, however,
belongs to the NCAA tournament in
Not to say those other sporting
events listed above aren’t great, but
there’s something about college basketball
in March that keeps people on the
edge of their seats.
It’s the making of brackets that then
proceed to be shredded two days into
the tournament, the unpredicted upsets
and the cinderella stories that separate
March Madness from any other.
There’s no doubt that what started
in 1939 with an eight team tournament
expand overtime into 68 teams has contributed
to fan excitement. More midmajor
schools are making the tournament
contributing to fan audience.
Unlike years past, this year doesn’t
feature a dominant team like the UCLA
team that won 10 out of 12 national
titles from 1964 to 1975 under John
Wooden, or the 2015 Kentucky squad
that entered the NCAA tournament
undefeated. As if trying to fill out a
near perfect bracket isn’t already difficult,
this year’s tournament having no
dominant team will only make harder.
“Making a march madness bracket
seems easy, but it’s not because of all
the upsets that take place that you
would have never thought would have
happened. A lot of years, one or two of
people’s final four teams lose in either
the first or second rounds making it
hard as well,” senior Jordan Jefferson
Here at HHS, some students and
teachers pitched in on how they
thought the tournament would play
Brian Letourneau, a history teacher
at HHS, said that he believed that the
one seeded North Carolina Tar Heels
are the most talented team in the country.
Letourneau went on to add that on
paper, Kansas and Villanova were two
of the best teams in the field but early
exits in previous tournaments don’t
bode well for either team.
Coach Mike Rohr and Coach Charlie
Dragum, two of the physical education
teachers at HHS, said that they both
thought UVA had a chance of going
all the way. Rohr named several teams
that he thought could make a deep run
into the tournament, agreeing with Letourneau
in saying that North Carolina
is likely the most talented team in the
country, but that hot teams like Kansas
and Michigan State could cut down the
Dragum went a different route,
picking the red hot Oregon Ducks of
the battle tested Pac 12 to have one of
the better shots to go all the way this
When asked who he thought would
win it all this year, HHS sophomore
Jack Chenault said.
“Michigan State…because Denzel
Valentine is filthy.”
In a year of parity in college basketball,
your guess is as good as mine.
Writer’s Pick: Virginia Cavaliers



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