HHS orchestra hosts fundraising concert

Jordan Clark

Raffles, small orchestral groups,
great music, oh my! The HHS Or-
chestra Program held a Chamber
Concert Fundraiser on Wednesday
March 23 in the Commons. It started
at 6 p.m. and ended around 8 p.m.,
with the cost at $8 per person. The
Italian style dinner is being catered
by Vito’s Resturant.
This event was held to raise money
for HHS strings to help pay for things
such as new sheet music to bus ex-
penses for their upcoming trips, like
to Old Dominion University and At-
lanta. The strings department put to-
gether four themed baskets that were
raffled off. The themes consisted of,
“I Feel Pretty,” “The Man Basket,”
“For the Coffee Lover” and “I Love
to Cook.”
The “I Feel Pretty” basket includ-
ed things such as lotions, perfumes,
candles, jewelry, hair accessories and
nail polishes. The “I Love to Cook”
basket consisted of objects like pots,
pans, cooking utensils, kitchen tow-
els, potholders, nonperishable foods,
cookbooks and recipe cards.
“Each member of the orchestra
had brought in items to put in the
baskets and people that came to the
concerts bought raffles so they had a
random chance of winning the bas-
kets,” senior Brooke Lyons said.
For the performance, the strings
classes broke up into small chamber
groups and performed songs for
the audience to listen to as they
enjoyed the evening. There
were a total of thirteen groups that
played everything from classical
music to modern pop music. The
groups were given the chance to pick
their own music for this event.
Even Lucretia Davis, the HHS orchestra
director, participated in some of the
groups. “The groups I was a part of
played ‘Uptown Funk,’ ‘My Heart
will Go On’ and ‘American Rondo.’
I liked that concert because we got
to show everyone what we had accomplished
in such a short amount of time period.
We showed how passionate we are about
orchestra too,” senior Juanita Howie said.
Throughout the evening, various
groups, which were student picked,
had the limelight on them as they
performed their pieces for the audience.
Each group was two or more
people and each student was often
in multiple groups. There was no set
“I enjoyed the smaller groups and
being able to choose our music be-
cause it allowed for more freedom
and interpretation,” junior Will
Chesley said.
While small groups performed
and people put in for the raffle
baskets, senior Maxwell Cloe hosted
the event with occasional humorous
remarks throughout the concert
to keep the audience entertained
through the transitions of the
chamber groups.
“I liked this concert because it was
more laid back and it was more
entertaining for our families. We, the
students, were also less stressed out
because it took less time to learn the
songs than other concerts we had
hosted in the past,” Lyons said.


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