SOLs before curriculum is completed

Emmi Burke

The end of the year is fast approaching.
High school students
are halfway through the third
quarter of school. End of year exams
and AP tests and SOL’s are just
around the quarter. There’s less
than twelve weeks left.
But at the same time, there is
still three months of school. School
is still in session and classes are still
learning. If this is case, why are
some SOLs taken in March?
The purpose for this is to
see what students have learned
throughout their first three years
of High school English up to this
point. Although this makes sense,
the rationality behind a writing
SOL is still lacking.
How can a computer grade one’s
style and approach to answering a
prompt when writing is a subjective topic?
Junior Lauren Hancock is currently
furious due to the installation
of SOLs, and the fact that students
are forced to take an English
SOL two months prior to all others.
“I believe standardized testing is
ridiculous. You should not have
to prove whether or not you are
successful in a class by one
test,” says Hancock.
Outraged by the belief that SOLs are the
sole determinant for whether one passes
or fails a class, Hancock becomes
more furious that this test
is taken before the completion of
the class. “Your success should
be looked at by how well you did
throughout the whole year.” continues


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