Ms. HHS in future?

Rahul Zota

When the annual Mr. HHS
competition came to a close, the
question was asked: why was there
never a Ms. HHS? The annual Mr.
HHS competition is basically a
competition, boys from all grades,
9-12, come and compete to see
who will be face of Hanover, who
will be Mr. HHS.
This annual competition also
brings in funding for prom and
honestly is just an all-around fun
event. But why is it only for boys?
Why is there no choice for girls?
Girls want the opportunity to participate
in fun care free event such
as Mr.HHS.
“We should definitely have a
Ms. HHS, it’s absolutely disgusting
and stands against everything
this progressive school stands
for. Women are men’s equals yet
we blatantly exclude them from
a showcase of talents, as if men
are superior, and I shall not stand
for it.” Michael Farber, a selfproclaimed
feminist said. Michael
believes that at the very least
women should also at least the opportunity
to participate in an event
just as men.


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