How cool was Marvel’s “Deadpool?”

Chandler Foster

On Valentine’s Day weekend,
Marvel released its first R-rated move
since being acquired by Disney. If
you are 17, go ahead and overpay for
a ticket to “Deadpool.” If you aren’t
17 yet, then get someone 21 or over
to take you to this movie. If nobody
over 21 will take you, you definitely
should not buy a ticket to another
movie and sneak in. Despite how
very easy that would be, you should
not do it.
Wade the Wisecracker’s R-rating
was a bold move by Fox Studios, but
it has already payed off big.
“Deadpool” has already set numerous
records, including highest-grossing R-rated
premiere and highest-grossing XMen
movie. Despite falling under
Marvel’s banner, “Deadpool” and
the X-Men movies fall in a different
universe than The Avenger’s Marvel
Cinematic Universe.
The MCU is still Marvel’s most
successful movie series though, and
it’s about to enter its “Phase 3” with
the upcoming “Captain America:
Civil War.” The MCU is produced directly
by Marvel and takes on a more
comic superhero vibe than Fox’s
more serious X-Men universe.
Fans of the MCU can get a sneakpeek
at what is to come by checking
out Marvel’s upcoming line-up
through 2019. For those curious,
there is a new “Guardians of Galaxy,”
another “Spiderman” reboot, and Black Panther
is finally getting his own movie.
If you’ve never heard of Black Panther,
all you need to know is that he
was the first black superhero and he’s
basically a hybrid of Iron Man’s money
and mind combined with Daredevil’s
skills (If you aren’t watching Daredevil
on Netflix, you’re wrong. Season
2 premiers in March, featuring
the Punisher. Seriously, watch it.).
An X-Men/Avengers cross-over
seems unlikely, but the Man in the
Red Suit’s success may inspire Marvel
to release their own R-rated superhero
movie in the coming years. While
it may not be “kid friendly,” many
hardcore comic fans are have already
begun celebrating a precedent for
accurately gritty movie adaptations
of their favorite heroes in all comic
universes, including previously mentioned
Punisher or DC’s Arsenal.

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