Boys and girls swimming caputure titles

Willie Sadler

Last year, the Hawk’s Swimming
Team unexpectedly took the title at the
Conference 20 meet. This year, they
proved it was not a fluke and defended
their title, beating out Great Bridge by
392 combined points. A couple weeks
after that, the boys were runners up in
the regional meet and the girls placed
third. Now, they are looking ahead to
the state meet.
The team had an outstanding showing
at this conference meet. It was
pretty much Hanover from start to finish.
There was never any doubt that
they did not have the title secured.
The hawks came out on top in many
events, with the boys and girls both
winning the 200 medley relay. These
victories helped them to secure the
conference title for the second time in
a row.
Perhaps the most impressive win
was by junior Mattie Grant, where she
won by about 50 meters, or two laps,
in the 500 free. On top of winning the
500 free, she also came back to win the
200 free. These wins gave Grant her
second and third conference title.
“I wasn’t expected to win by a
whole lot, so it took me by surprise,
but I was very pleased with the outcome,”
Grant said.
Although the Hawks were on a roll,
the boys stumbled in the 400 free relay.
It was looking like they were going
to win it, but they were disqualified
for diving too early. Obviously,
this did not cost the Hawks the meet,
but it would have have been that much
better had they won the relay.
“I was expecting a faster finish, but
Ross didn’t give me that. I thought he
was going to come in with another
stroke, but then he slowed down and
that threw me off,” sophomore Patrick
Townsend said.
The Hawk’s sent 32 swimmers to
regionals last year. At the conference
meet this year, they had 33 out of 35
swimmers qualify for regionals, qualifying
in 61 of the 63 individual events
and all six relays. That is an improvement
rate of 52 percent over last year
for the Hawks.
Although the competition was not
that great at conferences, it was certainly
stiffer at regionals and will be
at states. Last year, 17 of the Hawks
moved on to the state tournament.
This year, they had 12 get past the regional
meet. They are still predicted to
do well at the states though, with the
boys 400 free relay seeded in second
Hopefully, the Hawks will keep the
momentum going. A few years ago,
they were not even considered competition.
After winning the conference
title two years in a row and placing
in regionals for both boys and girls
this year, they are becoming a powerhouse.
If they continue to swim with
the confidence and momentum they
have a shot at bringing home a title at
the state level.


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