Prom for people with special needs

Kali Wright


Senior Nathan Mcllwaine at the dance. Photo by Night To Shine

Every one dreams of dressing up
and getting a chance to walk down
the red carpet. On Friday, February
12, 2016, the Tim Tebow foundation
sponsored a “Night to Shine” dance.
The dance is a prom held in churches
for special needs people in the community.
Volunteers and supplies for the
dance are also from within the community.
“The dance is run really well. It’s really planned out,
they get volunteers months and
months ahead. It’s a really great experience
and I really enjoy doing it,” senior
Jennifer Tignor said.
This year, the foundation
received over 200 prom dresses, 2
limos and a party bus stretch
limo, food for guests and their buddies, a
photo booth, a DJ and 15 hairdressers
and makeup artists. 175 guests registered
for the dance.
Over 265 people volunteered to help
out with the dance and accompany
the guests as buddies.
“I really liked the dance. It was a
lot of fun and all the guests had a lot
of fun. There were a lot of things for
them to do. They had dinner right
when we got there, they had a red
carpet they could walk down with
photographers, a dance floor with a
DJ and lights, limo rides and a caricature
artist,” senior Nathan Mcllwaine
The evening started at 5 p.m.,
where buddies arrived and waited for
their accompanying guests to come.
Once the guests arrived, buddies introduced
themselves and gave a corsage
and crown to their partners.
Guests were then able to get their
red carpet experience and walk down
the red carpet once their name is announced.
At 6 p.m., the dance floor,
photo booth, and limo rides were
open. At 6:45, dinner was served. At
7:15, karaoke began and the dance
was in full swing. A popcorn machine,
pageant photo opportunities
and caricatures were also available
for the guests’ enjoyment during the
“My buddy did not like a lot of
loud noise, so we went on the limo
ride a whole bunch of times or went
into the karaoke room and just listened
to them. It’s a really fun experience
for both people who don’t
like a bunch of noise and people
who wanted to go into the dance
room and dance and party and stuff,”
Tignor said.
Overall, the dance was fun for
not only the guests in attendance,
but also the volunteers who served
as their buddies throughout the evening.

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