Leap Day: extra 24 hours to enjoy

Emmi Burke

February 29. A date that exists
only once every four years. Created
by Roman dictator, Julius Caesar, the
leap year has been an exciting addition
to the Gregorian calendar since
45 BC. The extra quarter of a day a
year is combined once every four
years to add an extra day to February,
thus creating the leap year.
Once every four years, an extra
twenty four hours is added to the
calendar creating another day and
another opportunity for one to live
his life. This date is miraculous and
should be used for something spectacular.
This year, in 2016, there is an
added day to the calendar. An
added day to experience
the best of life.
But how is one to experience
all of the specialties
of Leap Day when he is forced to be
sitting behind a desk at school? This
is an added day, one that very rarely
Junior Mason Cox is outraged that
the 366th day of 2016 is stuck being
spent at school.
“Having to go to school on a leap
day is outrageous! This is an extra day
in the year and now its an extra day of
school. It’s an outrage! What about those
people who are born on a leap day?
Technically they can only celebrate
their birthday once every four years.
This day should be sent as a celebration
for those people. Not as a regular
day, stuck in school!”
Due to the fact that a Leap Year is
so rare, the idea of having school and
work on this day is an abomination.
February 29 is an extra day in one’s
life. It is a special occasion which is
meant to be spent doing more than is
done on an average day.
In the movie Leap Year, which was
produced in 2010, follows the story of
a woman who wishes to propose to
her fiancé. In Ireland, a Leap Day is
celebrated with a tradition in which
a woman can propose to her significant
other instead of the other way
around. In this movie, the day February
29 is filled with adventure and
romance, as every leap day should be.
People should follow this example
from the movie and allow this extraordinary
day to be one of adventure.
Try a new food, go to place you
have never been, go on a roadtrip
and do all things you would do if you
were suddenly granted an extra dayout
of nowhere.
A leap day is a special occasion
which should most definitely NOT be
spent in a stingy classroom or a small
workplace. It is a day which should
be celebrated and enjoyed. It is not a
regular day and should not be treated
as one.


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