Hayley Parrish

The Hallmark holiday of love has
returned and you’re single and alone
yet again. So instead of sitting home
by your lonesome and feeling sad,
celebrate S.A.D. That’s right, Singles
Awareness Day. “How do I celebrate
S.A.D?” you may ask. Well, here are
seven great ideas to rejoice in friendship
and not needing no man or
1. Friend date: you don’t have to
spend the night alone. Gather all your
single friends and have a carefree
night. Splurge a little on a nice dinner
or a fun activity that you might
have if you had a honey. Get dressed
up and head out to Richmond! Make
those couples jealous that you’re having
a lot more fun than they are and
that you’re spending way less.
2. Throw a S.A.D Bash: black decorations,
bitter foods, Beyonce’s “Single
Ladies” playing on repeat. You
don’t need someone to love you. You
don’t need anybody but your friends
and family. Rip off the heads of those
cheaply made valentines bears and
cut those heart shaped chocolate
boxes in half, hang them from the
ceiling. Make your own conversation
heart cookies that say S.A.D phrases
instead of those stupid “UR CUTE”
ones. They aren’t cute, you are.
3. Netflix and chill
by yourself: cuddle up with
your pet or your favorite stuffed
animal, gather up the tissues,
and binge. For best “S.A.D. effects
watch: “Blue Valentine,” “Eternal
Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “500
Days of Summer,” “Her,” “American
Beauty,” “The Boy Next Door” (if
you’re up for a horror movie), “Reality
Bites” and “Scream” (if you’re up
for a better horror movie.)
4. Spread the love: Just because Cupid
missed you this year doesn’t mean
your February 14 has to be loveless.
Do something nice for someone else.
Offer to watch your younger siblings
for your parents if they
want to go out, buy a present for someone
who is sad about S.A.D. Get a bouquet for
that old woman down the street that
lives by herself. Not all love is romantic, you
5. Love yourself: buy a gift for
yourself. Get some candy for yourself.
Treat yourself. Do something
nice for you, you don’t need anyone
to do it for you. A couple’s massage is
a lot more expensive, just go by yourself.
Get an “I Love You” teddy bear
for yourself and listen to “Feelin Myself”
on the way home. Doesn’t that
sound fun?
6. Purge (Not like the movie): go
through your phone and delete the
numbers of everyone that never liked
you back or did you wrong. Delete
their texts, unfollow them on social
media. You don’t need that in your
life. Get rid of those pictures and
those texts from so long ago. Go back
and delete all those twitter DM’s that
you tried, and failed, to slip into.
7. Party with sports: this Valentine’s
day gather up the bros or the
girls and get your chow on at any local
sports venue. Not to mention the
2016 NBA All Star game is on Valentine’s
this year and you know you
can’t miss that. Tired of yelling at
your ex? Yell at the players and referees
who are probably thrillled to
be playing on V-day. That way you
can get dinner and a show. Maybe
in the crowd of S.A.D singles, you
might find someone to bring in a picture
and shred next year. The world
is filled with possibilities.


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