Groundhog Day way too underrated

Mikayla Mason

As a society we celebrate holidays
that focus on odd things. On Easter
we search for hidden eggs planted
conspicuously by a large bunny. On
Christmas, a large man shimmies
down the chimney and delivers presents.
At least Groundhog Day involves
a legitimate animal and a tradition that
all people can participate in. No matter
one’s faith or religion all are able to enjoy
the wonderful holiday of Groundhog
It is not just a silly holiday glorifying
a small animal that lives under
ground. It provides a chance for society
to have an entertaining and light
holiday full of excitement of a little
animal. Don’t say that when you look
at Puxotony Phil your heart doesn’t
warm, you are lying.
It is important to take them time to
enjoy the small things in life, which
most definitely include a happy holiday
such as Groundhog Day.
Furthermore, this holiday is centered
around the waiting for spring. As
people look forward into the coming
months and the warmer weather hope
accompanies the dismissal of ice and
snow. A day that is dedicated to looking
to the future and spring blooming
brings hope and excitement for the
future, something that we all need to
focus on more.
For some this holiday is pointless.
They would rather remain in their
houses and not think about spring
approaching or see the adorable little
animal timidly peak up from his hole.
“It doesn’t affect the calendar,”
freshman Joey Badalamenti explained.
Instead, they would rather ignore the
holiday and go on with their dreary
lives that are without hope.
One of these groundhogs day supporters,
junior Katie Bowling, feels
that the holiday should be better advertised
or publicized in order to allow
for more support and excitment for
the holiday.
Bowling feels that this holiday deserves
more recognition and excitement.
“I was very upset on Tuesday. I
didn’t realized that it was Groundhog
Day. I felt very left out and I felt that
they should make a bigger deal about
is so that I was aware of it,” Bowling
In fact, Bill Murray was in the movie
“Groundhog Day” in 1993. Surely
this proves that this is an important
and fun holiday if he chose to make a
film based on this date.


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