DECA goes state-bound

Peyton Upshaw

On March 3 Marketing teachers
Jeffery Fogg and Richard Totten and
the HHS DECA team will head down
to Virginia Beach to participate in
the annual DECA statewi competition.
DECA is a student run organization
that consists of students and
teachers between the high school
and college level.
The club prepares students for
jobs and opportunities in the business
world later on. The DECA team
is scheduled to take a test next week
to determine about a third of their
Junior, according to Alan Meade,
“At the competition the judges give
each of the competitors a scenario
and they have ten minutes to prepare
and 10 minutes to present it to the
judge. In my district competition, my
scenario was to pretend that I was going
for a job interview and to explain
my knowledge of bank security.”
The judges score both the written
and oral presentation, written being
60 of 100 points and oral presentation
being 40 of 100 points. Senior
Reggie Mouton stated “Being taught
by Totten has given you the motivation
and determination to win.”
The team is confident that HHS
will be well-represented throughout
the competition.

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