Boys on the run for Sadie Hawkins dance

Kirby Lawrence


Senior Stephanie Mayle, donning a graduation cap, asked senior Trevor Cook to Sadie Hawkins with a funny poster and smarties during a snow day. Photo by Stephanie Mayle

February–a month of love and
appreciation for those most special.
HHS recently started to celebrate
the Sadie Hawkin’s Day with a dance
where girls ask boys. Although it is
not a new day, the tradition of holding
a dance is relatively new.
Sadie Hawkin’s Day was first
mentioned in the November 15, 1937
Li’l Abner daily strip. Although Sadie
Hawkins was not an actual person,
she was noted as “the homeliest
gal in all them hills.” She was the
daughter of Hezekiah, the town’s
most wealthy and powerful man that
ever lived in the fictional mountain
village of Dogpatch, Kentucky.
Due to Miss Hawkin’s less-than
desirable appearance, she could not
find herself a husband. Her father,
fearing his daughter would become
an old maid at the age of 35, took
matters into his own hands. He summoned
all the eligible bachelors in
town to participate in a race. Sadie
would chase after them.
When a man was caught, her
would then be legally bound to marry
It took place on November 13 and
would be known as “Sadie Hawkins
Day.” It was declared a mandatory
annual event by the town spinsters
and was recreated in the comic strip
by Al Capp every November.
Hanover High School carries on
Sadie Hawkins Day tradition by
holding a dance that takes place on
Valentine’s Day weekend. This year,
Sadie’s will take place in March with
a country theme, paying homage to
the fictional Dogpatch village.
Some would argue that the dance
acts as a step closer towards gender
equality and female empowerment.
Senior Stephanie Mayle asked fellow
senior Trevor Cook to the dance.
Mayle said that she believes that it
is a step towards equality, but that
a girl should be able to ask a boy to
any dance, not just Sadie’s. “[Girls]
should be able to ask a boy to prom
and homecoming too! It’s not just for
Sadie Hawkin’s,” Mayle said.
Junior Connor Gilchrest has
mixed feelings about the idea of a Sadie
Hawkin’s Dance. “I feel like the
dances aren’t that much fun but if a
girl asked me, I would go unless I had
prior commitments,” Gilchrest said.
Some gentlemen, however, share
a similar attitude to those during the
fictional race. Junior Pierce Downey,
for example, hates Sadie Hawkin’s
Day. “I have never been to a single
HHS dance in my entire life and I
most definitely don’t plan on attending
this one,” Downey says.
“I feel like it is a huge wasted
expense. You have to buy an outfit
that you will only wear once, pay
for dinner and so on. The only way
it would be worth it, however, is if
Emma Watson were to ask me out,”
Downey says.


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