Students auditioned for prestigious program

Caroline Tucker

While many students were re-
laxing over winter break Abigail
Theakston and Jonathan Waller
auditioned for an elusive spot in
the Gov- ernor’s Summer School.
The Governor’s Summer School is a
prestigious summer program sponsored
by Virginia Department of Education.
Students who attend public school do
not have to pay to be a part of the
school during summer break.
The program holds many diverse
fields that a student can explore and
different colleges volunteer to house
the programs. The summer school
provides students with the ability to
learn a specific field of their choosing.
It ranges from academic programs like
agriculture, humanities, mathemat-
ics, science and technology, medicine
and health science, engineering and
marine science, but also touches on
performing art programs like dance,
instrumental music, vocal music, the-
atre and visual arts.
Theakston auditioned for a spot in
the vocal music department which
is held on Radford’s campus while
Waller vied for a spot in instrumental
“Mr. Barrack originally nominated
me for this program. He told me the
audition was in two weeks. So, I got
my music prepared and I went and
auditioned,” Theakston said.
Usually with auditions, albeit the-
atre, strings, band or chorus, students
will seek out a trusted teacher’s guid-
ance to help them prepare.
“I worked on everything on my
own,” Theakston said, “I got to choose
what I sang too. I sang two songs, an
Italian opera named ‘Sebben Crudele’
and another song called ‘Alto’s La-
ment.’ ‘Alto’s Lament’ is about a wom-
an who is an alto, but doesn’t want to
be an alto, which I can relate to.”
Waller also had to prepare a piece
on his own over the winter break, but
had a different audition process.
“I played a four mallet ma-
rimba piece called ‘Yellow After the
Rain’ and I also played a snare etude
which was very advanced and diffi-
cult. After the audition I was given an
application to fill out which induced
and essay,” Waller said.
Though Theakston and Waller au-
ditioned in late December they expect
to hear back from the summer school
in April.


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