Robots come alive in DOTM kick-off

Rahul Zota


A student measures potential parts for building their robot. Photo by Sami Livingston

The kickoff for the long anticipated
2016 DOTM Robotics season
has finally arrived. This year, many
things will be different. Not only
does the Robotics team have a new
sponsor, but they also have a new
This season entails a new adventure
for the robotics team. For example,
last year the goal of the robotics
team was to create an efficient and
effective environmentally-friendly
robot which could easily help the
world via recycling. Their robot was
judged off of not only how much
trash their robotic could collect and
put into a recycling bin, but also on
how high they could stack crates in
order to save space and help the environment
The new topic was revealed for
the first time at the kick off; the title
for this year’s challenge is called
“The Stronghold”.
“We have to siege a castle and get
past multiple defenses and build a
robot to do all of this automatically,”
senior Alex Dillard said.
“I have been on the Robotics team
for the whole time I have been in
high school, all four years and this is
the first time I have to build a robot
that isn’t serving an actual purpose.
Like last year we had to build a robot
to promote recycling and that could
recycle for us, and this year its like
one of my favorite games ‘Mario.’ I
have to build a robot that is going to
go into a castle and save the princess
just like Mario did in all his games,”
Dillard said.
This is also the first time in HHS
Robotics history that Daniel Bartels
isn’t in charge and isn’t sponsoring
the Robotics program. After Bartels
left last year, many thought the robotics
team would vanquish without
him. They were wrong.
“At first, we thought the robotics
program was going to die without
Bartels, but robotics is honestly more
of a student run program now and all
the seniors have already been trained
by Bartels, so it will still probably a
bit harder without someone to guide
us but overall as a team we have
adapted and should be fine for this
season and many seasons to come,”
senior Sami Livingston said. The robotics
team is confident and fired up
for this upcoming season.
“The game is really challenging
this year, but I think our team is capable
of producing a kick-butt robot,”
Livingston said.
HHS robotics has traditionally
been one of the biggest and most interactive
clubs HHS has had to offer.
“This year is kind of weird when
it comes to membership, our overall
membership numbers have went
down, but we have more active
members, more people are ready to
start building and hopefully HHS can
bring the trophy back to Hanover
County,” Dillard said.
Dillard was pleased with the turnout
at kickoff and, being one of the
Robotics team captains this year, is
stoked to start building and is ready
to bring that first place trophy back.




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