Record snowfall ravages Hanover

Georgia Geen

The dreams of students across
Virginia were fulfilled in the form
of winter storm Jonas, which hit
midday on Friday, January 22. The
storm lasted for over 24 hours, ending
late the night of January 23.
According to the Richmond
Times-Dispatch, between 11 and
16 inches of snow fell across the
Richmond area, halting transportation
for days.
“Normally I spend snow days at
home, because my parents won’t let
me go anywhere,” junior Courtney
Kent said.
School was cancelled on January
22. Students missed four days of
school, with a two-hour delay on
January 28. The six consecutive days
at home felt like a second winter
break to many students. Kent,
however, was out of town for the
duration of the storm.
“We left Friday morning before
it started snowing to leave for a
concert we already bought tickets
for,” Kent said.
Students took the opportunity
to play in the snow or spend time
relaxing at home. However, the
greatest gift Winter Storm Jonas
gave HHS students was the cancellation
of exams. Many students took
to twitter to plead their case to the
“I was not prepared for exams at
all, so I was kind of counting on it,”
Kent said.


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