Do you want to build a snowman in a blizzard?

Emmi Burke

Wear PJ’s inside out.
Flush some ice down the toliet.
Place a spoon under the pillow.
Do the snow dance.
Continually refresh the weather
app and Twitter feed.
Listen to the news. Refuse to finish
homework. And deny the fact
that the upcoming day
will be a school day.
Maybe this time school
really will be closed.
It’s that time of the year yet
again. Jack Frost has visited
Hanover County and now the
chilly air and frostbite
is nipping at everyone’s
nose. With upcoming
exams and the end of the
first semester, Hanover’s stu-
dents are hoping a miracle to
close down school. What does
this entail? Well, a lot of snow, that’s
for sure.
In the winter of 2014 snowfall
came as a savior to HHS students.
That winter, in total Hanover
County schools were closed
for a month’s worth of school
days. There was a tremendous
amount of snow, and due to the
extensive amount of days missed,
midterm exams were cancelled.
Junior McKenzie Anderson was
here at HHS when the exams were
expunged. “It was the best thing ever.
They originally were going to keep
the exams, but at the last minute the
school board decided to cancel them.
I was so relieved. I was a freshman
that year and I really wanted to get
out of my Spanish exam. We were
supposed to write a passage and I
was not prepared for it at
The cancellation of mid-terms came
as a blessing to HHS students.
Instead of stressing and
worrying over grades and exams,
students were able to relax at
home, enjoying a well
needed break from all the school
work. One can only
hope that this will hap-
pen again.
However, with the
crazy heat wave that
swept over Virginia
during winter break many have been
worried that snow won’t come and
save students from exams and tests this year.
Sophomore Shelly Underwood was
most upset by Virginia’s weather.
“During Christmas break I was so
upset. I had wanted it to snow on
Christmas. I kept hoping that it
would cool down at the end
of the week so that it could snow
Christmas Eve,” Underwood said.
Even though her Christmas wish
was not granted, Underwood has not
given up on snow in
2016.“ I think that
now that it has cooled
down there’s definitely a possibility
that it will snow like it did
last year. I really want to build a
snowman this year! I do it every
time it snows.”
Since the heat wave has passed,
the possibility for
snow storms occurring this winter
has increased. Win-
ter storm Jonas came
as a surprise to some after the
heat of the weeks before. After the
snow had fallen, many hoped that the
cold air and snowy grounds would
remain until after exams had passed.
Many of these snow superstitions
were put to test.
Sophomore Addie Michael has her
own little ritual she completes each
time the news calls for snow. “I have
a specific pair of pajamas that I wear
when I hear it is going to snow. And
I always wear the bottoms inside out
and backwards. It’s kind of like my
good luck charm.” Michael also plac-
es a plastic spoon under her pillow on
these fateful nights.
“My house has a lot of spoons from
Menchies. So I usually take one of
these spoons to put under my pil-
low. I figure the spoon is used for ice
cream and I want to make it snow. Ice
cream and snow are kind of similar,
so it works out well.
Michael has been completing
these snow routines since she was
a young girl and is convinced they
help. Superstitions aside, this habit
has become more than just a child-
hood hope; it is now one of her tradi-
tions. Several swear by these quirky
customs. Others consider them to be
Old Wives Tales which little kids,
with their


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