2016 returns shows to their fans

Searlait Coffey

A new year brings new televi-
sion for everyone. January saw a
flurry of season premieres, and
there are quite a few you don’t
want to miss out on.

January 1: “Sherlock” Christmas

January 3: “Downton Abbey” sea-son 6 premiere

January 4: “The Bachelor” season
20 premiere

January 5: “New Girl” season 5 premiere, “Teen Wolf” season 5 premiere

January 6: “American Idol” season
15 premiere, “It’s Always Sunny in
Philadelphia” season 11 premiere

January 12: “Pretty Little Liars”
season 6 returns

January 14: “Idiotsitter” series pre- miere

January 15: “Hell’s Kitchen” season
15 premiere

January 19: “Marvel’s Agent Cart- er” season 2 premiere

January 21: “DC’s Legends of To- morrow” series premiere, “The
100” season 3 premiere, “Portland- ia” season 6 premiere

January 24: “The X-Files” season
10 premiere

January 25: “The Fosters” season 3 returns

January 29: “Vampire Diaries” season 7 returns


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